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Additional Recommended Gardening Publications – Tip Sheet #13

Additional WSU Publications

In addition to the 78 WSU home gardening publications listed on Tip Sheet 2, the following WSU publications may be of interest to home gardeners. All are free downloads at:


  • Scientific Literacy for the Citizen Scientist, EM100E
  • Therapeutic Gardening, FS299E


  • Environmental Injury: Cold Temperature Injury of Landscape Woody Ornamentals, FS196E
  • Environmental Injury: Frost Cracks, FS199E
  • Environmental Injury: Sunscald and Sunburn on Trees, FS197E
  • Environmental Injury: Winterburn of Evergreens, FS239E


  • Grains: Growing Quinoa in Home Gardens, FS258E
  • Growing Wasabi in the Pacific Northwest, PNW605
  • Using Cereal Straw Bales in Home Gardens, FS329E
  • Using Biosolids in Gardens and Landscapes, FS156E
  • Biochar: A Gardener’s Primer, FS147E
  • Hügelkultur: What Is It, and Should It Be Used in Home Gardens? FS283E
  • The Efficacy and Environmental Consequences of Kelp-Based Garden Products, FS330E
  • Cornmeal and Corn Gluten Meal Applications in Gardens and Landscapes, FS326E
  • Home Garden and Lawn Fertilizer Calculator, FS324E
  • Phosphorus and Home Lawns: Quick Facts and Recommendations, FS058E


  • Propagating Deciduous and Evergreen Shrubs, Trees, Vines with Stem Cuttings, PNW152
  • Propagation of Plants by Grafting and Budding, PNW496
  • Propagation of Plants from Specialized Structures, PNW164
  • Protecting Water Resources: Planting and Caring for Home Wetlands, FS091E
  • A Guide to Washington State’s Urban Tree Canopy, EM107E
  • Backyard Forest Stewardship in Western Washington, EM026E
  • Seasonal Foliage Loss in Pacific Northwest Conifer Trees, FS056E


  • Rabbit & Hare Management in Washington Home Yards & Gardens, FS231E
  • Pesticide Ingredient: Acetic Acid / Vinegar, FS184E
  • Pest Watch: Cherry Bark Tortrix, FS155E
  • Codling Moth and Your Backyard Fruit Tree, FS120E
  • Protecting Backyard Apple Trees from Apple Maggots, EB1928E
  • Insect Answers: Cabbage Maggot, FS010E
  • Western Cherry Fruit Fly and Your Backyard Cherry Tree, FS125E
  • Organic Management of Flea Beetles, PNW640
  • Insect Answers: Lecanium Scale, FS009E
  • Pest Watch: California Five-spined Ips, FS085E
  • Bronze Birch Borer, EB1380E


  • Do Black Walnut Trees Have Allelopathic Effects on Other Plants?, FS325E
  • Recognizing Sapsucker Damage on Your Trees, FS057E
  • Physiological Leaf Roll of Tomato, PNW616


  • A Citizen Science Guide to Wild Bees and Floral Visitors in Western Washington, EM110E
  • An Introduction to Cavity-Nesting Bees in the Puget Sound Region, FS293E
  • Common Spiders of Washington, EM113E
  • The Larger Moths Found in Washington State, FS296E

Additional OSU Publications

The following home gardening publications of note are available from Oregon State University Extension at:

  • Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardening in the Pacific Northwest, PNW548
  • Manage Wildlife Conflicts in Your Home and Garden, PNW719
  • Pacific Poison-oak and Western Poison-ivy: Identification and Management, PNW108



Feature image by Duane Retzlaff.

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