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Garden and Clinic Locations

Program Contact: Sarah Moore, King County Master Gardener Program Coordinator
(425)-738-0109 •

Find A Garden or Clinic Near You

CLINICS. Visit an Ask a Master Gardener clinic for answers to gardening questions and for diagnosis of your plant problems and to learn how to manage your gardens and landscapes in a science-based, sustainable manner. Master Gardener volunteers in these plant clinics will recommend research-based information about gardening and environmental stewardship.

Check our Clinic Schedule for the days, times and addresses for the clinics near you. Check the map to see the clinic locations.
At anytime you can contact our Ask a Master Gardener email clinic.

GARDENS. There are demonstration, outreach and youth gardens in the county where residents can see and learn to grow their own food and become more self-sufficient with the help of Master Gardeners.

See our list of Demonstration Gardens for more about each garden. Check the map locations to see days that Master Gardeners are in the gardens.

Go to the interactive map on our Master Gardener Foundation of King County website by clicking on the image below to find out more about a garden or clinic location.


Map of King County Master Gardener Clinics and Gardens



Feature image by Mabel Amber.