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Washington State University

Food Preservation and Safety

Food Preservation Resources – free, downloadable print resources to answer your food safety, and food canning/preservation questions.

The National Center for Home Food Preservation is another great source for current research-based recommendations for most methods of home food preservation, including freezing, drying, canning and curing!

Pressure Canner Testing

Please contact the business closest to you for hours and cost:

Ajax Electric

2911 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134 | (206) 622-9948

McLendon’s Hardware (in Pierce County)

11307 Canyon Rd E, Puyallup, WA 98373 | (253) 536-6560

1111 Fryar Ave., Sumner, WA 98390 | (253) 863-2264

Capture the taste of summer!

For more food safety and preservation questions please contact:

Lizann Powers-Hammond 509-735-3551*

*Please note that this number is volunteer-operated, and there may be a slight delay in returning your call. We appreciate your patience.


Food Safety

Worried about whether your food is spoiled or contaminated? Check out! A great resource for information regarding proper handling of foods, cooking temperatures, food recalls, and much much more!

Kitchen or pantry pests bugging you? WSU Extension’s PestSense program provides tons of helpful information on managing common indoor pest problems with non-chemical options.