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Washington State University

Teaching Young People About Gardening and Nature

Program Contact: Sarah Moore, King County Master Gardener Program Coordinator
(425)-738-0109 •

Encourage children and youths to get outdoors and learn about gardening and nature during this time of social distancing with our free, educational activities.







Gardening and Nature Activities for Children and Youths

Simple Gardening and Nature Activities for Children and Youth

Bug Races, Scavenger Hunts, Tape Bracelets and more. Activity sheets to download. Find out more.


More Complex Gardening and Nature Activities for Children and Youths

Nature and Garden Bingo, Leaf Exploration, Seeds and Seed Creatures and more. Find out more.


Teaching Kits

Child holding pail containing yellow flower


Kits for Teaching Children About Gardening and Nature

King County Master Gardener Teaching Kits are classrooms in a box. Each kit focuses on a specific subject with curricula easily adjusted to any age group, from preschoolers to seniors. These Teaching Kits are designed to bring FREE garden-related environmental education to schools, community groups, youth programs, and senior centers. Find out more. 



Feature image by Redakter and detail images from top by RealWorkHard (blue flower with lady bug), Designer Coleman (bird nest), Rudy and Peter Skitterians (bee) and Albrecht Fietz (spider web ).