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Recommended Gardening Publications – Tip Sheet #2

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All publications can be downloaded for free at unless otherwise noted.

Growing Vegetables

Variety of vegetables
  • Home Vegetable Gardening in Washington, EM057E
  • Growing Beans (Dry) in Home Gardens, FS135E
  • Growing Beans (Green) in Home Gardens, FS088E
  • Growing Carrots in Home Gardens, FS118E
  • Growing Corn in Home Gardens, FS104E
  • Growing Cucumbers in Home Gardens, FS096E
  • Growing Eggplant in Home Gardens, FS149E
  • Growing Garlic in Home Gardens, FS162E
  • Growing Onions in Home Gardens, FS097E
  • Growing Green Peas in the Home Garden, FS116E
  • Growing Peppers in Home Gardens, FS220E
  • Growing Potatoes in the Home Garden, FS165E
  • Growing Radishes in Home Gardens, FS127E
  • Growing Squash in Home Gardens, FS087E
  • Growing Tomatoes in Home Gardens, FS145E
  • Pest Control in Home Vegetable Gardens, EM009E
  • How to Install A Floating Row Cover, FS089E
  • Growing Food on Parking Strips & in Front Yard Gardens, FS115E
  • Propagating Plants from Seed, PNW0170
  • Raised Beds, Deciding If They Benefit Your Vegetable Garden, FS075E

Growing Fruit

Girl with hands full of peaches
  • Fruit Handbook for Western Washington, EB0937, $7 download, $14 bound
  • Growing Small Fruits in the Home Garden, EM103E
  • Organic Pest & Disease Management in Home Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes, EM066E
  • Pest Management Guide for Apples in Washington Home Orchards, EM101E
  • Training & Pruning Your Home Orchard, PNW400
  • Why Backyard Fruit Trees Are Not for Everyone, FS124E
  • Anthracnose Canker Integrated Management Plan for Home Gardeners [Apples] FS297E
  • Growing Rhubarb in Home Gardens, FS 360E
  • Minor & Uncommon Fruits for Maritime Climate Gardens FS383E

Trees, Shrubs and Lawns

Japanese maples.
  • Drought Tolerant Landscaping for Washington State, EM087E
  • Identifying, Treating, and Avoiding Azalea & Rhododendron Problems, EM091
  • Ornamental Trees for Narrow Spaces, EM096E
  • Selecting Plants for Screens & Hedges, EM089E
  • Planting Trees & Shrubs in the Landscape, FS047E
  • Reasons to Prune Trees and Shrubs in Home Gardens, FS182E
  • Pruning Equipment for Home Gardeners, FS131E
  • Assessing Tree Health, FS055E
  • Tree Topping, A Practice to Avoid FS061E
  • Why Do Leaves Turn Red? FS209E
  • Growing Roses in Washington State:
    • A Seasonal Calendar, FS164E
    • Planting Roses, FS166E
    • Common Disease & Insect Problems, FS246E
  • Are Native Trees and Shrubs Better Choices for Wildlife in Home Landscapes? FS300E
  • How are Hydrangea Flower Colors Determined? FS309E
  • Gardening with Companion Plants EM128E
  • Seasonal Foliage Discoloration & Loss in Evergreen Conifer Trees FS056E
  • Sooty Bark Disease Diagnostic Guide FS375E
  • Lawns:
    • Fine Fescue for Home Lawns, FS200E
    • Home Lawns, EB0482E
    • Watering Lawns in
      Washington to Save Water, Save Money, and Have a Healthy, Green Lawn, FS362E
  • Emerald Ash Borer FS384
  • Gardening with Companion Plants EM128E

Soil, Composting, Mulch, Watering and Microclimate

Gardener digging in dirt with hand tool
  • A Home Gardener’s Guide to Soils & Fertilizers, EM063E
  • Organic Soil Amendments in Yards & Gardens: How Much is Enough?, FS123E
  • Emerald Ash Borer FS384
  • Backyard Composting, EB1784E
  • Using Coffee Grounds in Gardens & Landscapes, FS207E
  • Using Arborist Wood Chips as Landscape Mulch, FS160E
  • Cover Crops for Home Gardens West of the Cascades, FS111E
  • Methods for Successful Cover Crop Management in Your Home Garden, FS119E
  • Watering Home Gardens and Landscape Plants, EB1090
  • Drip Irrigation for the Yard & Garden, FS030E
  • How to Determine Your Garden Microclimate, FS181E
  • Potential Contaminants in Residential Rain Barrel Water, FS280E
  • A Gardener’s Primer to Mycorrhizae FS269E
  • Gypsum Use in Home Gardens & Landscapes FS307E
  • Epsom Salt Use in Home Gardens & Landscapes FS308E

Pests, Diseases, and Beneficials

Lady bug
  • Beneficial Insects, Spiders, and Other Mini-Creatures in Your Garden, EM067E
  • Natural Insecticides, PNW649
  • Organic Fungicides for the Home Garden, FS128E
  • Pesticide Ingredient: Neonicotinoids, FS210E
  • Pesticides:
  • Pollination & Protecting Bees and Other Pollinators, FS174E
  • What is Tunneling in My Yard?, FS143E
  • Mole Management in Washington Backyards, FS146E
  • Vole Management in Home Backyards & Gardens, FS094E
  • Pest-specific Fact Sheets:
  • Washington Bumble Bees in Home Yards & Gardens, FS263E
  • Lady Beetles: Should We Buy Them for our Gardens? FS268E
  • Pesticide Ingredient: Horticultural Oil, FS184E
  • Praying Mantids: Defenders of the Home Landscape? FS380

WSU Hortsense, Pestsense and Gardening in Washington State

Please see WSU Hortsense, Pestsense and Gardening in Washington State for more information:

Feature image by J Garget. Detail images from top by Ella Olsson, Ivanna Kykla, Jeff Daley, Lisa Fotios, and Michael Schwartzenberg.


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