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Washington State University

Fairs and Events

Program Contact: Nancy Baskett, 4-H Program Coordinator
425-738-0104 •

KING COUNTY FAIR – July 13th – 16th

Fair Book 2023 pdf –


Critter Crowning application due June 23rd download form here:
4-H Ticket Sales/Discounts



King County Fair is coming soon!
Dates of Fair – July 13-16th Enumclaw Expo Center
Spring Youth work on educational posters, projects and exhibits for Fair
May 15 Youth must be registered into 4-H Online to participate in Fair
May Drop off dates – posters/photo exhibits  

will be updated in early May

contact us to schedule a drop off time – we are in office by appointment only 253-224-2884 Nancy or

June 1st 4-H Educational Posters & Displays due in person – can be dropped off TBA 
July 7th Expo Center ticket requests due –
June 23rd Critter Crowning Application due 
July 8 Expo Center Activity hall – clean and set up 9 am – 12 pm

Activity Hall dropoff still life Saturday July  12 pm – 6 pm  (at EXPO Center) 

  • Contact us ahead of time for alternate ways to drop off exhibits and entries – office hours by appointment only 
  • email kingcounty.4h@wsu.ed, or call Nancy at 253-224-2884 or
July 12th Vet check – times vary by department – check with Superintendents 
 July 16 Exhibit releases 630 pm or when barns/stables are clean and you are dismissed by Superintendents.

Activity Hall – release time after 6 pm  Sunday, July 16th

Ticket Sales


Animal Entry registration 2023

Still Life/Ed Posters 2023

Still life Entry tags

Photo Exhibit Form – 2023

Educational Posters and Displays

Still Life Ed Poster form editable 2022 – Download this form to fill out on computer and printed. Please attach to back of all Ed Posters and Displays.

Poster tips:

Posters may be educational based on your club project or another 4-H project (you can submit up to 4 entries from different categories) or posters may be promotional, highlighting your favorite aspect of 4-H or what you think 4-H has to offer.

The 4-H Tip Sheet includes practical recommendations to help create effective paper or digital posters. To get started:

  • Choose your topic
  • Do your research
  • Sketch out your ideas—Have Fun with this! Do your best to do it yourself and not have parents or siblings “help”
  • Design your poster or display—get creative and have fun with the digital process
  • Choose color or colors
  • Make sure to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Choose your pictures, photos, clipart, graphs, or drawings (NO copyright material unless you have permission from the source)
  • Remember to cite your sources (include the full URL).
  • Entries will be judged against the standard as defined on the scorecard, not in competition with other posters.
  • Be entered by the date specified above.
  • Have properly completed the Still Life Entry Tag securely attached to the lower left corner of poster.
  • Top of the entry tag should be taped to the back of poster with tag information facing forward below the poster.
  • Meet all requirements on the Scorecard.
  • Be legible from a distance of 10 feet.
  • Do not use copyrighted or brand names in your poster entries
  • Educate the public and be self-explanatory (Examples: “Don’t feed your dog chocolate” could say “Chocolate can be toxic to” or “Eat fruits and vegetables” could say “Eating fruits and vegetables helps build strong, healthy bodies”).
  • For promotional 4-H posters, do not need to list citations. 

For Animal Science Projects:

Due no later than June 1, 2023 at the 4-H Office. No late entries accepted. Call Nancy at 253-224-2884 before scheduling a trip to office to confirm someone will be there to take your entries. Office hours are by appointment only. Drop off dates/times TBA and will be posted soon. 

Lot C & D Entries (Table displays & trifolds)  Activity Building –  these items can be brought in day of animals are checked in or brought to the Activity Hall Saturday, July 8th from 12-6