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Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 Advisory: WSU Extension is working to keep our communities safe. All Extension programming is being conducted consistent with the latest official state guidance. WSU Extension county offices and WSU Research & Extension Centers are following protocols for vaccination, masking, distancing and hygiene. If this office is not open to the public, we are available during normal business hours via email, phone, and web conference.

Simple Gardening and Nature Activities for Children and Youth

Program Contact: Mary Watts, KCMG Program Coordinator
206-543-0943 •

Bug Races

Search for bugs, set up a racecourse and watch them go! Download the activity sheet.

Garden Scavenger Hunt

Who can earn the most points exploring the garden or yard? Download the activity sheet.

Garden Walk Scavenger Hunt

What can you check off on the list while exploring nature? Download the activity sheet.

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

What can you find on your nature walk? Download the activity sheet.

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

How many things can you hear and how many different leaf shapes can you find? Download the activity sheet.

Tape Bracelets

Make a decorative bracelet using tape and bits of nature. For ages 3+. The more the merrier. Modified activity from Life Lab. Download the activity sheet.


Feature image by Redakter and detail images from top by RealWorkHard (blue flower with lady bug), Designer Coleman (bird nest), and Rudy and Peter Skitterians (bee).