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Program Contact: Tipton Hudson, County Director
(509) 962-7507 •

Cow-Calf Management Library

One of the most comprehensive sources for information on beef production is the Cattle Producer’s Handbook Collection, a compendium of publications updated biannually by the Western Beef Resource Committee (WBRC) and published by the University of Idaho.  To access it digitally, click on the link “12 PDFs” on the right side of the webpage linked above.

It is also available through the Western Beef Resource Committee Cattle Producer’s Handbook website, along with instructions on how to order physical copies from the University of Idaho.

Kittitas County Small Ranch Manual

The Extension Office and the Kittitas County Conservation District (2211 W Dolarway Rd, Suite 4, Ellensburg) have a free Small Ranch Manual and Rural Living Handbook that provide a thorough overview of land ownership responsibilities and practices in Kittitas County.


eXtension is a national effort to provide a one-stop website that connects you with information tailored for your location provided by experts from all over the country. The Beef Cattle page includes references for producers, extension educators, and others interested in research-based resources on beef cattle production.

Extension Animal Agriculture Team

Livestock specialists with WSU Extension produce a quarterly statewide newsletter that provides timely information on livestock production and animal care. Archived newsletters and articles are available on WSU’s Animal Agriculture webpage. You can request to be added to the listserv which delivers the newsletter by sending a blank email to

Livestock Marketing Information Center

WSU is a member of a national marketing data and analysis clearinghouse representing most land grant universities. We provide a bi-weekly newsletter on livestock marketing with local prices, national analysis, and useful news related to livestock markets. You can request to be added to this listserv by sending a blank email to There are many publicly available resources on the Livestock Marketing Information Center website.

Sketch of a cow and calf on a yellow background

Beef production remains one of the principal agricultural enterprises in Kittitas County and Washington State. Kittitas County boasts over 12,000 beef cows and hosts annually thousands of yearlings on our irrigated pastures.

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