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Family & Consumer Sciences

Program Contact: Amy Alder, 4-H Program Manager
(509) 962-7565 •

Through Family & Consumer Sciences members can gain an understanding of how to clothe and feed themselves. There are numerous projects within the categories below, so members have the option to focus on their interests, but the projects compliment each other where members can take on numerous projects without being overwhelmed. Here include many of the objectives within Family & Consumer Sciences:

  • Adventures in Family Living
    • fix snacks and simple meals
    • construct at least two simple items such as a carry-all bag, pin cushion, or simple garment
    • play finger games, sing action songs, and make books and toys that may aid in child care
    • make room furnishings such as a bulletin board, wall hanging, mobile, wastebasket, or pillow
  • Food & Nutrition–includes food preparation, nutrition, bread baking, preservatives, etc.
    • learn about healthy food selection
    • practice food preparation skills
    • use basic food preservation techniques
    • choose foods suitable for freezing, drying, and canning
    • prepare quick breads and yeast breads
    • evaluate the flavor, appearance, and texture of breads
    • learn how to handle food safely
  • Clothing & Textiles–includes sewing, clothing, and textiles subject matter
    • apply personal creativity and learn basic sewing skills
    • learn about fabrics, textile science, and technology
    • select appropriate care for personal clothing
    • learn about the cultural influences of clothing
  • Needle Arts–includes knitting and crochet
    • select yarn and thread
    • read knitting and crochet abbreviations and follow pattern directions
    • perform knitting and crochet skills
    • use different types of needles, fabrics, and machines
    • care for created items