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Arts, Crafts, & Photography

Program Contact: Amy Alder, 4-H Program Manager
(509) 962-7565 •

Expressive Arts includes projects that allow students to demonstrate their ability to capture a moment or share a story through art.

  • Photography
    • recognize photography as a useful hobby and potential profession
    • observe and appreciate surroundings through the eye of the camera
    • develop and apply technical and artistic skills in film-based and digital photography
    • learn about photography as an art, science, and communication tool
    • record events, ideas, and situations for study or reference
  • Visual Arts
    • explore and apply elements of design
    • decelop artistic skills and talents
    • practice art techniques
    • gain an appreciaiton for art history and culture
    • explore science principles in artisitc challenges
    • express creativity
    • use art as a leisure-time activity
    • select appropriate materials for a project