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Civic Engagement

Program Contact: Amy Alder, 4-H Program Manager
(509) 962-7565 •

Citizenship–Know Your Government (9-12 Grade)

An opportunity for teens to experience hands-on earning by focusing on different aspects of government such as passing a bill, the judicial system, lobbying, the election process, creating a budget, and aspects of country, state, federal, and international government. Youth learn through relevant curriculum and culminate their experience by participating in the annual Washington 4-H Know Your Government Conference. This project runs from November-February. The objectives of this project are:

  • understand legislative process
  • experience parliamentary procedures
  • practice responsible citizenship/participation in democracy
  • develop skills in debate, persuasive speaking, conscientious listening, and leadership
  • acquire knowledge of state legislative districts and the issues that affect them


Leadership is a key skill when preparing for a successful future. Kittitas County 4-H offers many opportunities for students to engage in leadership at the club, county, and state level. Many clubs encourage leadership members to work with the younger members to help them guide them through their projects and club activities. At the county level, Ag Appreciation Day is successful each year with the help of many leadership members escorting and teaching about agriculture to visiting third graders. The county also encourages members to participate in state events such as Teen Rally, Summer Teen Conference, and Know Your Government (KYG). There are also three leadership positions available outside of the club which include County Teen Representatives (2 per county), State Amabassadors, and KYG Conference Facilitators. Some of the objectives for leadership project members are:

  • work under the direction of an adult or teen leader
  • help young members get acquainted, select projects, enroll, get involved in club/county events, complete the year, and re-enroll
  • teach project skills
  • work with special club interests
  • recruit and enroll members
  • work with county staff, adult leaders, and County Leaders Council