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Program Contact: Amy Alder, 4-H Program Manager
(509) 962-7565 •

Livestock projects enable members to gain skills in animal husbandry and responsibility. There are numerous types of livestock projects for members to choose from. Below is a list of the projects and the objectives for each.

  • select, feed, and house a market steer
  • select cattle based on breed characteristics
  • fit, show, and market a steer
  • feed, breed, winter, fit, and show cattle
  • evaluate a carcass
  • manage a herd
Goat (Dairy, Meat, Utility, Novelty, and Pygmy)
  • demonstrate proper goat management and practices
  • develop goat fitting and showing skills
  • promote goat products and the goat industry
  • select a quality project animal
  • feed care for an animal properly
  • select animals suitable for their use in harness or as pack animals
  • select, feed, and care for a llama
  • fit and show a llama
  • select, feed, and house a market lamb
  • select, care for, fit, show, breed, and market sheep
  • fit and show a lamb
  • evaluate a carcass
  • control insects and parasites
  • improve swine care and management by following good health, nutrition, and handling practices
  • educate youth about the relationship of food safety and animal well-being
  • prevent drug residues
  • ensure a wholesome pork product
  • promote consumer confidence in the swine animal well-being and pork products