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Plant Sciences

Program Contact: Amy Alder, 4-H Program Manager
(509) 962-7565 •


Projects for any member! Plant Science projects are something that can be accomplished in any size home. Whether you live in the city or out in the country anyone can learn about plants and bugs. Here are some of the objectives for Plant Science projects:


  • plan, prepare, plant, and care for a garden
  • select, harvest, and prepare vegetables or other plants for exhibit
  • design and conduct an experiment
  • Plant Science
  • explore plant growth and development
  • learn the basics of botany
  • explore the essentials of ecology
  • use the scientific process to discover facts


  • identify insects and make a collection
  • learn about insect life cycles
  • identify beneficial and destructive insects
  • learn about chemical, biological, and other types of insect control
  • learn about pesticides and their safe usage