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4-H Clubs in Skagit

Program Contact: Dorothy Elsner, 4-H Program Coordinator
360-395-2360 •

4 on the Floor

Contact: Alice Hansen E-mail:
Main Projects: Dog, Leadership, Vet Science

Alger Rough Riders

Contact: Mary Hilliard,  E-mail:
Main Projects: Horse

Beaks, Noses, and Bills

Contact: Extension office  E-mail:
Projects include: Poultry, Sheep, Goats, Swine, Still Life

B.E. Roadrunners

Contact: Sharrie Nelson,  E-mail:
Main Projects: Horse, Leadership, Horseless Horse

Big Lake’s Little Farmers

Contact: Extension office E-mail:
Projects: Goats, Small Animals

Furs & Things

Contact: E-mail:
Main Projects: Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Art, Performing Arts, Gardening

Happiness Is…4-H Club

Contact:  Extension office E-mail:
Main Projects: Goats, sheep, poultry


Main Projects: Market Livestock


Contact: Tabitha, E-mail:
Main Projects: Performance Horse

Kids for Chickens

Contact: Extension office   E-mail:
Main Projects: Poultry


Contact: Christy Lyon  Email:
Main Projects: Dog, Leadership, Foods

Silver Arrow 4-H

Contact: Dorothy Elsner  E-mail:
Main Projects: Archery

Skagit Achievers

Contact: Linda Jonasson  Email:
Main Projects: Sheep

Skagit Valley Homesteaders 4-H

Contact: Extension office  E-mail:
Main Projects: Cat, Cavy (guinea pig), Photography

Skagit Valley Split Reins

Contact: Extension office  E-mail:
Main Projects: Horse

Sunshine Dairy 4-H

Contact: Extension office  E-mail:
Main Projects: Dairy Cattle

Valley Green Acres

Contact: Maribeth Carlton  E-mail:
Main Projects: Horse, Horseless Horse, Goat, Leadership