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Tulip Tours

Program Contact: Alex duPont, Master Gardener Program Coordinator • (360) 428-4270 ext. 227
Would you like a local gardening expert to enhance your customers’ experience touring the Skagit Valley tulip fields? Then you need to contact the Washington State University Master Gardeners. Master Gardener step-on guides provide an informative overview of our wonderful area and are available for your group tour during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Touring companies should e-mail Toni at or call 360-848-9053 for pricing and scheduling information.

(Unfortunately, at this time the Master Gardeners do not arrange or provide the transportation for tours. We are “step-on guides” for tours that you or others arrange, bringing your transportation to us.)

The consensus is that the most compelling reason for WSU Master Gardener involvement in the tulip tour program is our status as a participating member of the Skagit County agricultural community. As such, and in accordance with our mission statement we should be engaged in any effort that promotes agriculture in the Skagit Valley.

Featured in the May 2007 Home Accent, published as a newspaper insert by the Skagit Valley Herald:

Toni Caskey, a WSU Master Gardener, demonstrates separating "daughters" from the mother bulbs.
Toni Caskey, a WSU Master Gardener, demonstrates separating “daughters” from the mother bulbs.

Toni recommends these steps for a pot full of colorful blooms:

  • Layer several bulb types.
  • Get a round planter 15 to 20 inches in diameter.
  • Put in a shallow layer of gravel or broken terra cotta pot pieces.
  • Layer potting soil and scratch in some bone meal.
  • Plant 15 to 25 tulip bulbs.
  • Add a layer of soil and bone meal.
  • Plant 6 Dutch Master daffodils.
  • Add another layer of soil and bone meal.
  • Plant 3 or 4 hyacinths.
  • Cover with soil.
  • Keep container in garage for the winter.
  • When shoots come up in January, begin to water weekly.
  • After the last frost, or in early March, move planter outside into the full sun.