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Healthy Harvest for Kids

Program Contact: Diane Smith, Extension Faculty
360-395-2355 •

Family eating together at a table and a family gardening together

Want to teach your children about the importance of eating healthy?

Check out these easy and fun recipes to try creating together to help spark their imagination!
If you’d like to print the whole cookbook,
you can find it here: Harvest Recipe Booklet.pdf




Want kid friendly recipes on the go?

Download and print our cookbook!

Image of a cartoon cookbook


Kids’ Education

Healthy Harvest for Kids schedule for 2023 to 2024 - Nov Winter squash, december cabbage, january carrots, feb root veggies, march potatos, april asparagus, May beets and greens


Discover Healthy Eating with the Food Group Friends! With cartoon foods

Let’s learn about the fruit group with Farrah Fruit!




Time to learn about vegetables with Reggie Veggie!




Jane Grain has something to teach us about the grain food group!




Dean Protein is here to show us all about proteins!




Last but not least, let’s learn about dairy with Mairy Dairy!