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For Youth

Program Contact: Dorothy Elsner, 4-H Program Coordinator
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Tools & Opportunities for Citizenship

Youth in Governance

Teen Leadership should include the opportunity for youth to engage in partnerships with adults, to make goals and be invested in the organizational vision, and to have a voice in making decisions that directly impact the 4-H program.

Know Your Government (14-19)

Officer skills, how to act in a business meeting, Robert’s Rules…WHY?
To become effective citizens. Unfortunately very few youth (or adults) these days exercise their rights in civic engagement. Obviously in order to be a part of the system, you need to understand how it works. Know Your Government teaches 4-Hers all about the accessibility of their government by making them a part of it. Know Your Government takes place between December and February every year.

4-H Teen Leadership

Skagit 4-H Youth Leadership

Goals of the Skagit Teen Leadership program:

  • encourage youth to take on increasingly challenging learning opportunities
  • encourage youth to have a voice in decision making with adults
  • promote a teen program that is county wide and leadership focused
  • have fun while developing stronger interpersonal skills

4-H gives youth confidence and teaches responsibility. 4-Hers have the chance to develop leadership skills through real hands-on opportunities in their communities.

Thinking About Leadership

Researchers have identified two types of leadership styles. Some people are all one or the other, some are a blend of both.



  • Product oriented
  • Decision making imperative
  • Task oriented
  • “gets things done”
  • Process Oriented
  • Collaboration imperative
  • Experience Oriented
  • Looks for “teachable moments”

In 4-H, our goal is to provide youth leaders with opportunities to develop skills in both of these types of leadership.

4-H members participating in a mixer

Scholarship Opportunities

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