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Assistive Technology Lending Library

Assistive Technology Lending Library


What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology (AT) is defined as any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with limitations.  We have a variety of daily living assistive devices that are available to check out!

How does the Lending Library Work?

The AT Lending Library is available to the public and intended for individuals who would like to try a device before making a financial commitment. Each AgrAbility Co-Coordinator has a lending library available to their coverage area that clients can borrow from. Our goal is to help you find the right tool that best meets your need. Borrow a device before you invest in a personal one, for short term accommodation if your device is being repaired, or while you’re waiting for your newly purchased device to arrive.

These devices are also available to providers or professionals for professional development, training, academic, classroom, and other needs.

Browse our Inventory of Available Devices Based on Activity: 

Jayefo Easy Hold Handle Tool
Picture of a pair of wheelbarrow handles that can be attached to the existing wheelbarrow handles. The new handles have a pivoting component that allows uses to lift the wheelbarrow without twisting their wrists.

Hand/Arm Solutions

  • Easy Hold handle 
  • Easi Grip garden tool Set 
  • Easi Grip arm cuff 
  • Lifting hooks (pictured)
  • Pivoting wheelbarrow handles (pictured)
  • Kaycee knife 
  • Magnetic wrist band 
  • Magnetic finger 
  • Hose splitter with handle 
  • 4way hose splitter with lever 
  • Ergo garden hand tool set 
  • Ergo knob turner 
  • Hand cuff 
  • Shovel T grip handle 
  • Garden Genie weeding gloves 

tile essentials product for memory aids

Memory Aides

  • Tile Essentials 

Muse product Stress Management Headset

Stress Management Support

  • Muse stress band 
  • White noise machine 
  • Noise cancelling headphone 

ergonomic mouse wireless set

Computer Solutions

  • Hi contrast keyboard 
  • Ultra slim keyboard 
  • Vertical mouse 
  • Large keyboard decals 

seat cushion pillow on chair

Seating Solutions

  • Swivel seat cushion 
  • Stander car cane/handy bar 
  • Seat cushion pillow 

hand wearing glove with finger lights

Hearing/Vision Devices

  • Pocket talker voice amplifier  
  • LED gloves  
  • 3x magnifier  
  • 2X magnifier  
  • Dome magnifier 
  • Convex rearview mirror 

ergo rah shovel handle for back support

Back Support

  • Ergo Rah shovel handle 
  • Ergo rake handle 
  • Adjustable strap handle 
  • Darwin metal tool arm 
  • Wheelbarrow handles 
  • Robo extend a tool handle 

Interested in the Lending Library?

First, make note of the tools or activity you are interested in. Then, select the “Get a Kit” button and fill out a request form to have a lending library kit mailed directly to your home.

Learn More

If you have any additional questions about the lending library, please send an email or call your closest AgrAbility Coordinator and include your name and phone number. We will then schedule a time to discuss the program and the lending library further.