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AgrAbility Resources

AgrAbility Resources


The National AgrAbility Project and the state AgrAbility projects have a variety of online, print, and video resources that you can access for free. Please check out the information here and reach out to your local AgrAbility coordinator with any additional questions on resources.

The logo for National AgrAbility. It says AgrAbility, Cultivating Successful Agriculture

The National AgrAbility Project has an extensive database of resources, including publications, webinars, and guides. Visit the National AgrAbility website to explore resources.

National AgrAbility Resources

Printed Materials

Your local AgrAbility coordinator has informational booklets about common pains in agriculture, including back pain and arthritis. Visit the National AgrAbility website for a PDF download of any of the booklets, or reach out to your local AgrAbility coordinator for a hard copy of the booklets or other AgrAbility information.

Cover of a back health booklet titled "Back on the Farm, Back in the Saddle." There are six small photos on the cover that depict people engaging in different types of agriculture.

Cover of a brochure titled "Arthritis and Gardening" and subtitled "A guide for Home Gardeners and Small-Scale Producers." The cover has three pictures of different people using their hands to farm.

Cover of a booklet titled "Arthritis and Agriculture, A guide to understanding and living with arthritis." The top of the booklet reads "Practical help from AgrAbility." There are four pictures of people working in agriculture, including trimming a sheep, a family in a wheat field, a cow in a cattle shoot, and a farmer throwing hay into a barn.

The cover of a Spanish brochure titled, :Could arthritis be what is causing me pain? information for persons with joint pain." There are three pictures of people holding a part of their body that is in pain. One person has a sore knee and is showing a doctor, one is leaning on her kitchen table and holding her back, and a farmer is holding her sore hand.