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Ideas for Healthy Living

Program Contact: Jennie Goforth, Program Coordinator
(360) 395-2359 •

What is Ideas for Healthy Living?

Ideas for Healthy Living is a community education program with a focus on  health and wellness across the life-cycle.

A wide range of other workshops and classes are offered including Strengthening Families Program series, Thriving on a Plant Based Diet, Backyard Gardening for Food Access, Seed Saving, and Food Preservation.

How are the Classes Presented?

The classes are presented by trained facilitators using lesson plans and training materials developed by Extension. The classes are interactive and include demonstrations, discussions and hands-on group activities.

What Does It Cost?

WSU Extension sponsors these programs with additional funding provided by  Skagit County, Many  of our classes are offered free of charge as a community service to qualifying agencies and groups.  We also offer fee based classes and workshops but are often able to include some scholarship options.

How Do I Find Out More?

Please visit the calendar on the main page for current listings. We also recommend that you join our Facebook Group.  For more information about the program, to schedule classes, please contact:

Jennifer Bryan-Goforth
Ideas for Healthy Living Program Coordinator
Telephone: 360-395-2539






New Ideas for Healthy Living Logo

After many successful years and receiving the NEAFCS Regional Newsletter Award, we have chosen to move away from a bimonthly newsletter in favor of a social media group.  While the newsletter had many benefits, we often found that information and events were unable to be shared due to the limitation of the publishing schedule. With our Skagit Family Living Facebook group, we are able to make regular updates and increase our reach.  Please join us here! 


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