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Face masks are no longer required in our facility. Please feel free to wear a mask if you are more comfortable doing so.

4-H Raffle Information

If your club/committee/group is thinking of selling chances to win something (an item, cash, etc.), you are most likely having what the State Of Washington considers a Raffle.  This means that we must be in compliance with the Washington State Gambling Commission’s rules.

Raffles are covered in state law under RCW 9.46 with further administrative guidance in WAC 230-11.

The 4-H Budget and Fundraising committee (BFR) has received a raffle license from the Washington State Gambling Commission.  BFR is the conduit through which all clubs/committees/groups will go through to hold ANY raffle.  So, everything from big (e.g. 1 ton hay raffle) to small (e.g. tickets in a jar to win a gift card at a club meeting) is considered gambling and is covered by the BFR license.

You must notify BFR of the intention of holding a raffle prior to the event. Complete the Raffle Notification form and submit to 4-H Raffle Subcommittee. BFR will then assist you in getting set up to run your event following state raffle requirements.  BFR will report activity and pay quarterly state taxes on gambling revenue (3.380% of gross gambling receipts).  Each group’s raffle will be charged the amount of State Tax for their raffle, and a possible service fee depending upon the scope/size of the raffle.  BFR will provide a fee structure chart soon.

Spokane County 4-H Budget and Fund Raising committee (BFR) is fully committed to conducting our raffle events to follow all applicable city, state, and federal rules and BFR policies and best practices.