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Face masks are no longer required in our facility. Please feel free to wear a mask if you are more comfortable doing so.

4-H Virtual Horse Show

It may be awhile before we can come together for an in person horse show, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun in the meantime! Show off everything you’ve been working on these last few months with the NEW Spokane 4-H Virtual Horse Show!
Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Novice, and Walk/Trot classes offered. FREE to enter! Judged by Dusti Kissler, who will give individual feedback to each exhibitor. Ribbons will be awarded for each class!


**For Showmanship: Have someone (mom, dad, sister, etc!) walk around the horse, to be a mock judge, so they can show the quartering system.
Clarification on Junior Showmanship Pattern:
Question: Step 3 says to back 4, close back? What does “Close back” mean?
Judge’s Answer: The short answer is return to position at start of back. If want to use as learning experience it is in the 4-H Horse Project Journal on page #126. I encourage all kids to have access to that book. It is available online, free to download.


Week 1 – Showmanship
Videos must be submitted by 10pm on June 12th
Results announced June 15th
Week 2 – Western Equitation
Videos must be submitted by 10pm on June 19th
Results announced June 22nd
Week 3 – English Equitation
Videos must be submitted by 10pm on June 26th
Results announced June 29th

Contact 4-H Horse Show Manager, Cheryl Paz. Contact her at 619-248-7751,