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Pressure Gauge Testing

Program Contact: Jennifer Fees, WSU Consumer Food Safety Advisor
(509) 477-2199 •

WSU Spokane County Extension offers pressure gauge testing.

The USDA recommends having Pressure Canner Gauges tested annually. Why Test? Testing your pressure canner will determine whether your canner is functioning properly and will help you produce safely preserved food. Pressure canning is the only recommended method for canning meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. The risk associated with preserving these low-acid foods is botulism poisoning.  Only pressure canning will allow food to be heated to and held for a specified time at 240 degrees Fahrenheit which is hot enough to destroy the bacterial spores that emit toxins.

We can test pressure gauges on all pressure canner models but All American.

The All American manufacturer makes a dual-gauge canner which has both  weighted and dial gauges.  According to the All American website,, about the need to have the gauge tested: “No, the pressure regulator weight is actually more accurate than the steam gauge. Many pressure cookers with pressure regulator weights do not have steam gauges. Our gauge is accurate +/- 2 lbs, and is used only as a reference, and to determine when the cover can be safely removed, which is when the steam gauge returns to zero.”

Please call to make an appointment: (509) 477-2199 or email Jennifer at

Please complete and bring the following forms prior to coming in for your gauge check: Gauge Check Forms