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Forestry Classes/Events


Forest Stewardship Coached Planning

If you own wooded property, our flagship course will teach you how to assess your trees, avoid insect and disease problems, and attract wildlife. State experts will help you develop your own Forest Stewardship Plan to keep your woods on track to provide enjoyment and income for years to come.

  • Newport (Pend Oreille County) January 10 – Febuary 28, 2017 Information



First Detector Training  January 27, 2017 9am to noon

Rachel Ann Bomberger, M.S., WSU Plant Pest Diagnostician

The emphasis of the First Detector program is on monitoring for invasive, exotic, and high-risk plant diseases, weeds, and insect species that are not yet introduced, or are not yet widespread and therefore still controllable or eradicable.