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Beef Cattle

Questions for Fitting and Showing

Junior 4-H Questions

  • What is the sex of your beef animal?
  • What do you call the opposite sex?
  • What is the breed of your beef animal?
  • Name another breed of cattle?
  • What vaccinations has your beef animal received?
  • What wormer has your beef animal received and how was it administered?
  • Name body parts of cattle
  • Name wholesale cuts of beef.
  • What is average daily gain (ADG)?
  • What is the ADG of your beef animal?
  • What has your beef animal been eating?
  • How much do you feed it per day? (I try to get them to answer in pounds)
  • What percentage protein is in your feed?
  • What is a subcutaneous (s.c., SubQ) injection and where do you give it?
  • What is an intramuscular (IM) injection and where do you give it?
  • What is the meaning of withdrawal time for a drug?
  • In the Junior Finals, some Intermediate/Senior 4-H/FFA Questions may be used to break ties

Intermediate/Senior 4-H/FFA Questions

  • Any of the Junior 4-H Questions Plus:
  • What do you call an intact male beef animal?
  • What are female cattle called?
  • Name 5 key nutrients.
  • What is a normal body temperature for cattle?
  • What is gestation length in cattle?
  • What is the estrus cycle length?
  • How many bulls would you need to breed 100 cows?
  • Name three British breeds of cattle.
  • Name three Continental breeds of cattle.
  • Why are cattle not fed animal protein by-products?
  • What is B.S.E.?
  • What is scrapie?
  • What is T.S.E.?
  • What is a normal birth weight for a beef animal?
  • What would be an average life expectancy for a cow?
  • How many stomachs does a beef animal have?
  • Name the stomachs of a beef animal?
  • What do you call an animal with four stomachs?
  • Name two grains.
  • Can you safely feed sheep feed to your beef animal? Why or why not?
  • Can you safely feed swine feed to your beef animal? Why or why not?
  • Name one vitamin and one mineral contained in your cattle feed.
  • What do you like or dislike about this beef animal?
  • If you could improve your beef animal what part or attribute would you change?
  • How did you prepare your beef animal for the show?
  • Define Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship
  • Name one cattle disease and tell me what you know about it?
  • What is the significance of hoof and mouth disease?
  • What is coccidiosis? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What is polioencephalomalacia? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What is acidosis? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What is mastitis? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What is pneumonia? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What is white muscle disease? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What is grass tetany? Symptoms? How to treat?
  • What are the USDA Beef Yield Grades?
  • What does USDA Beef Yield Grade refer to?
  • What factor(s) is (are) used to determine USDA Yield Grade?
  • What is the USDA Yield Grade of your beef animal (or that beef animal)?
  • What are the USDA Beef Quality Grades?
  • What does USDA Beef Quality Grade refer to?
  • What factors are used to determine USDA Beef Quality Grade?
  • What is the ideal market weight (or Yield Grade, fat thickness or ribeye area)?
  • What is an EPD?

Other Skillathon type questions:

  • Protein requirements of beef animals of various ages
  • Identify retail cuts
  • Roast (Usually at least 2 inches thick) versus steak or slice (usually ¾ to 1 inch thick)
  • Round cuts, loin cuts, rib cuts, chuck cuts, shank, brisket, plate, flank
  • Identify various parasites such as round worms, tape worms, lice, flies
  • Identify feedstuffs such as molasses (smell it), soybean meal, corn, wheat, oats, barley, peas, limestone (its ground up rock with no smell), meat and bone meal (smell it), grass hay versus alfalfa hay versus straw.
  • Identify cattle equipment
  • Hay judging

Prepared by: Dr. Jan R. Busboom, Extension Meat Specialist, Washington State University, May 10, 2006

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