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Program Contact: Lauren Hrncirik, 4-H Youth Development Regional Specialist
(509) 754-2011 ext. 4314 • lauren.hrncirik@wsu.edu

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New Club Charter Training                   Food Preservation Training
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LeaderYouth_LineDrawing_Filled4-H volunteers are the backbone of the 4-H program! 4-H can not grow and can not grow youth into tomorrow’s good citizens and community leaders without caring adults willing to share their time working with youth and other adults to create and conduct relevant activities and experiences.

To ensure 4-H youth have physically and emotionally safe, fun & learning environments at all 4-H activities, ALL adults with unsupervised access to 4-H youth must apply, be screened, trained, and certified for their specific roles.

In Grant, Adams, & Lincoln counties, the required basic 4-H Volunteer Leader Training is called “4-H 101.”

“4-H 101” – Laying the Foundation for a SPARKLING Youth Program!

“4-H 101” is conducted in two parts. BOTH are required for certification.

4-H 101 Volunteer Leader Training is an opportunity for ANYONE (leaders, parents, supporters, teens) in the Grant-Adams-Lincoln Co. WA area to enhance their skills to organize and provide dynamic activities and programs for youth.

Topics covered include:

    • Creating Safe & Supportive Environments
    • 4-H Policies, Procedures  & Program Management
    • Educational Design & Delivery

  • Principles of Positive Youth Development

Certification Steps:

4-H 101 – Parts 1 & 2

  • 4-H 101 Part 1 –  On-line Training

    PRIOR to attending Part 2 – register online and complete:
    Basic Volunteer Training – E-learning Modules for Volunteers 
    The Password is “volunteer”

    Print off the certificate at the end of each module to provide to Extension Office as proof of completion. Lincoln-Adams residents without email or reliable internet that are not able to utilize local school, library, or friend’s computer can make arrangements through Karen Robertson (509-659-3209) to complete the on-line learning component.


    NEW! Complete the on-line “Put the Child First” training PRIOR to attending Part 2
    This was removed from the 4-H 101 Part 2 face to face session due to time constraints.
    of these on-line training sessions are located on:
    If you do not have access to high-speed internet at home, through your library or other, contact the Extension Office for appointment to login to complete the trainings.


  • Attend 4-H 101 Part 2

    Volunteer Leader Training
    Tuesday, May 23, 2017  DATE CHANGED TO:
    Wednesday, May 24, 2017
    Grant Co. WSU Extension Office, 1525 E Wheeler Rd., Moses Lake, 98837
    Click for Map (bottom of page) 

    5:40 – 5:55 pm               Check-in
    6:00 – 9:00 pm               Training
    NOTE: Location will move to Grant Co. Fairgrounds if large # of RSVPs
    RSVP required to Jeannie Kiehn at 509-754-2011 ext. 4309 or email
    Minimum of 5 RSVPs required to hold training


  • Attend 4-H 101 Part 2

    Volunteer Leader Training
    Monday, November 20, 2017
    WSU Extension Office, 205 W Main, Ave., Ritzville, WA  99169
    RSVP required to Karen Robertson at 509-659-3209 or email
    Minimum of 5 RSVPs required to hold training

5:30 – 5:55 pm               Check-in /Resources Review
6:00 – 9:00 pm               Training
9:00 – 9:15 pm               Optional Resources Review


  • Attend 4-H 101 Part 2

    Volunteer Leader Training
    Monday, November 29, 2017
    Grant Co. WSU Extension Office, 1525 E Wheeler Rd., Moses Lake, 98837
    NOTE: Location will move to Grant Co. Fairgrounds if large # of RSVPs
    RSVP required to Jeannie Kiehn at 509-754-2011 ext. 4309 or email
    Minimum of 5 RSVPs required to hold training

5:40 – 5:55 pm               Check-in
6:00 – 9:00 pm               Training

Remember, you must return your 4-H Volunteer Application at least 10 days prior to attending the in-person 4-H 101 Part 2 and complete Part 1 of the on-line training: Volunteer E-Learning Modules and “Put the Child First” prior to attending the Part 2 session.

Completed 4-H Volunteer Application, completion of both 4-H 101 Parts 1 & 2, + successful background check are required for certification and enrollment as a 4-H volunteer. A volunteer will be officially enrolled once the certification process is complete, and all information is submitted including “signed” forms in the 4hOnline enrollment system. Login instructions will be provided.

Additional Training sessions MAY be scheduled depending on the availability of 4-H Training Staff AND A MINIMUM of 5 adults that can agree to attend training on the same date in the same location. Watch for more details.

New Clubs & New Family 4-H Group Orientation

Once all are most of the prospective leaders of a new 4-H Club, or NEW Family 4-H Group are TRAINED and certified, (see above) an additional Club Charter/Group Orientation session will be scheduled for the General (Head) leader(s) of the group. This session will review and cover additional details concerning group organization.

4-H Kick Off – New  4-H Year Enrollment Information Meeting

Clubs & Family 4-H Groups and Council Committees must send at LEAST the General (head) leader/Chair, 4hOnline enrollment managers, and all adults who are or will be bank account signatories to a 4-H Kick Off Meeting in the fall of the year. The Kick Off Meetings for the 2017-2018 4-H year will be: September 28, 2017 – Moses Lake, October 11, 2017 at the Ritzville WSU Extension Office and October 12, 2017 at a location t.b.d. in Lincoln County, and October 18th in Moses Lake. Lincoln, Adams (and Grant) Co leaders may attend any session. There will be slight differences due to localized content but attendance will count towards the requirement.

Additional Education for 4-H Volunteers

Put the Child First  – Required for ALL 

ALL WSU 4-H Staff & Volunteers must have successfully completed the Put the Child First child protection training prior to working with youth in the 4-H program. This presentation was incorporated in the face-to-face Leader Training until recently. Due to time constraints it is now considered part of the 4-H 101 Part 1 on-line training sessions. To register for the training, visit http://universalvoltraining.wsu.edu/. Fill in the requested information and press “Submit Request”   The training needs to be completed once and does not have to be repeated each year.  Residents without reliable internet access can contact Karen 509-659-3209 (Lincoln-Adams WA) or your local WSU Extension Office for options.

Preserve the Taste of Summer (Required for Food Preservation Project leadership)

Preserve the Taste of Summer is a series of eight online lessons for 4-H project leaders leading Food Preservation curriculum and activities, as well as the in-home consumer. Beginning September 1, 2015, all 4-H volunteers leading projects involving food preservation must have completed this training series to enroll as a Food Preservation Project Leader.

To take the online course, visit http://preservesummer.cahnrs.wsu.edu to register for the series.  To participate, you will need a computer manufactured in the last five years and have a stable internet connection.  The cost of the series is $25.00. Informational Flyer. If you are unable to access this course at home, library, or other location, check with your local WSU Extension Office for options. Please print off any documentation as you complete each of the chapters to provide proof of completion to the Extension Office.

Shooting Sports (Required for Shooting Sports Project leadership)

Additional 4-H Shooting Sports Training for specific shooting sports disciplines is required for certified 4-H volunteers to lead 4-H Shooting Sports Projects. Lincoln and (East) Adams 4-H leaders interested in leading shooting sports projects should contact Karen Robertson 509-659-3209. You will be notified when 4-H Shooting Sports Trainings are scheduled in WA or ID.
More info on WA State 4-H Shooting Sports.

Archery 4-H Shooting Sports Training
March 24 – Newoport Extension (or online via Zoom)
AND March 25 – in Newport

WSU Pend Orielle County Extension is hosting a 4-H Archery Project Leaders training on March 24th from 6:30-9:00 PM at the WSU Extension office in Newport or via Zoom (internet on-line meeting) and on March 25th from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM at Stratton Elementary in Newport.The cost will be $75.00 and checks should be made payable to “POC 4-H Clubs.”

Please use this online form to register. If you have any questions, please Vickie Blanchet by email or by calling (509) 447-2481 ext. 6501. Hope to see you there!

Washington State 4-H Shooting Sports Training
Okanogan County Riverside Shooting Range
April 7, 8, & 9, 2017

Training Disciplines Offered: Archery & Rifle

Schedule: Friday, April 7, 2017 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Check in Welcome Training Overview Classroom Instruction
Saturday, April 8, 2017 Archery discipline range Sunday,
April 9, 2017 Rifle discipline range 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon Check-in at discipline range 12:00 noon – 12:30 p.m. Lunch provided (choice of box lunch or burgers by Shooting Sports 4-H club) 12:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Continue discipline, instruction and recognition.
Registration: (includes facilities, instructors, lunch, refreshments and printed discipline material binders)
Fee: $55/single discipline $80/double discipline
Deadline: registration forms and fees must be received by April 3, 2017.
Registration Form         Health Form


4-H Shooting Sports Training
April 22 & 23, 2017
Coeur d’Alene, ID
Possible Disciplines: Archery, Hunting, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun
(A minimum of 5 participants in a discipline are needed for that discipline to be held)
Participants will be able to select 2 disciplines to complete in the weekend.

This statewide leader training and certification will support the State 4-H Policy regarding the 4-H Shooting Sports instructors in Idaho & WA. 4-H Shooting Sports instructors on the county level must: • Be at least 21 years of age (18 years for assistant instructors) • Be screened, trained and appointed as a current 4-H volunteer through their local County Extension Office. • Successfully complete instructor discipline training administered/sanctioned through the University of Idaho or WA 4-H Youth Development Office. • Be trained and certified in any discipline(s) that they are teaching at the county level. • Participants must attend the entire training and successfully complete all aspects to receive their respective discipline certification.
Registration Contact: Teresa Balderrama, 208-446-1680, email
Additional Information & Registration Form

 Animal Science

Education for 4-H Livestock Volunteers (Highly recommended)

Check out the on-line training modules for 4-H livestock leaders! On-line training is an accessible, interactive, and fun way to learn more about topics that are important for youth livestock projects!
Visit the Veterinary Medicine Extension 4-H & Fair Page for topics such as:

  • Animal Disease Screening Tools
  • Biscecurity
  • Disease Prevention and Housing Modules
  • Quality Assurance