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4-H Enrollment

Program Contact: Bridget Rohner, WSU Extension Youth Family & Community Education, Lincoln-Adams
(509) 725-4171 •

Program Contact: Randy Williams, Lincoln-Adams 4-H Program Coordinator
(509) 725-4171  • (509) 869-1818   •

Program Contact: Karen Robertson, Lincoln-Adams WSU Extension Program Assistant
(509) 659-3209  •

Enrollment Quick Links:

4hOnline Enrollment
General Club Enrollment Forms & Documents
List of Lincoln-Adams 4-H Groups

New to 4-H? Visit “What is 4-H?”

Potential new youth members should connect with head leaders of existing clubs, preferably in September or October. Some clubs accept new 4-H members throughout the year, others have date enrollment deadlines or enrollment caps based on safe number of youth for selected projects. More Information

Volunteer Leader Education & Certification is REQUIRED for New Leaders or leaders returning after a break in service for club and family 4-H involvement. 4-H Volunteer Education Information.

Clubs & Family 4-H Groups

Most clubs begin the 4-H Year in October and November. The official 4-H year runs Oct. 1st through Sept. 31st. In Lincoln and (East) Adams counties, for the 2017-2018 4-H year,  the first enrollment deadline will be December 1, 2017 for returning clubs and Family 4-H groups to meet minimum enrollment requirements to reactivate for the new year. Once enrolled, club leaders can add new members or assist additional previous year’s members to enroll.  Club group leaders may close enrollment to new members or projects to all at a date they specify in order to safely manage the group’s education and activities. A Club Group Leader, at their discretion, may allow additional member or project enrollments till July 15th. After the initial fall enrollment meeting, Clubs and Family 4-H Groups may choose not to continue meeting regularly till January or later but the leader is STILL REQUIRED to attend a 4-H Kick-Off Enrollment Session and assist as many of the returning members (minimum of at least 5 youth from at least 3 households for chartered Clubs) as possible to enroll by December 1st.   (Exception: NEW 4-H Clubs or Groups that form later in the year.)

4-H enrollments are entered and managed in 4hOnline. Each club and Family 4-H Group is required to send their General (head) leader to a 4-H Kick-Off Enrollment Education Session, or communicate with County Enrollment Manager (Karen Robertson in Lincoln-Adams, Jeannie Kiehn in Grant-Adams) prior to assisting youth members to enroll or re-enroll in the 4hOnline system. Returning Volunteers should login to 4hOnline and re-enroll ASAP after Oct. 1. Be sure and use the family profile email from last year when logging in. Contact the Extension Office first if you aren’t sure or if your email has changed.

Basic steps for Club & Family Group Re-enrollment

  • General (Head) Club/Family Leaders respond to Extension office request for list of leaders & projects for the new 4-H year
  • 4-H Kick Off – New Year and Enrollment Information Meeting. General (Head) leaders of clubs, groups, and family 4-H, AND adult 4-H Club bank account signatories must attend a 4-H Kick Off. All other leaders are encouraged to attend.
  • 4hOnline: Returning adult and youth members may begin submitting enrollments in the 4hOnline system after Oct. 1 after checking with the General (head) leader of the club/group and/or the local extension office.
    NOTE there is a new WA State 4-H Enrollment Fee for YOUTH this year. 

  • General (Head) Club leaders may begin helping members of NEW families to submit enrollments in the 4hOnline system AFTER checking with the Extension office.
  • Financial Reporting for Previous Year for ALL Clubs/Groups due by Oct. 31st
    • Annual Financial Summary Form for ALL Clubs/Groups
      (Family 4-H and Groups without bank accounts complete top of form, write in “Group does not have a bank account or handle 4-H finances” and sign the bottom of the form)
    • Treasurers Records: Chartered Clubs and Groups with EIN & Bank account turn in Treasures’ Records including ledger, receipts, deposits slips, bank statements, etc.
    • Secretary’s Minutes: Chartered Clubs and Groups with EIN & Bank account turn Secretary’s Minutes for previous year to support financial decisions and approval of use of funds
    • Copy of current bank signature card for Chartered Clubs and Groups with EIN & Bank account
    • Inventory List of assets for Chartered Clubs, Groups, & County Committees with EIN & Bank Account
  • December 1st Deadline for:
    • 4hOnline enrollment submissions: “Confirmation” in the 4hOnline system by chartered Clubs leaders/enrollment managers of all of their returning youth members,
    • Submission to the Extension Office of Family Group Plan form for the new year,
    • Extension office will accept and officially enroll youth members of chartered clubs after Financial Reporting requirements are met, as soon as at least 5 youth from 3 different families (households) have enrollment submission in the 4hOnline system, and there are enrolled certified project leaders for all youth member projects.
    • Horse ID Forms: Returning horse project members should submit the Lincoln-Adams 4-H Horse ID Form to the Extension Office as soon as they complete their 4hOnline enrollment. NOTE – for 2017-2018 the Horse ID Forms MAY be through the 4hOnline System. Watch for details.
  • December 15th is Deadline for the Annual Club Plan/Budget Form for Chartered Clubs, Councils, & Committees with IRS EIN and bank accounts.
  • April 1st FINAL Deadline for Horse Project Enrollment
    • Note: Horse project enrollment and Horse ID form submission may be required as early as January 1 for eligibility for some 4-H shows/events.

  • July 15th – FINAL Date for enrollment and project changes in the 4hOnline system for Lincoln-Adams WA 4-H adult and youth members.

4hOnline – 4-H Enrollment System for Adult Volunteers and Youth Members

4-H Enrollment will open October 1, 2017 for the 2017-2018 4-H Year.
Enrollment is managed through the 4hOnline System

Enrollment submissions for returning members & leaders due by Dec. 1st.
Updates & changes can made (with Club head leader’s permission) till July 15, 2018.

New and returning members should submit enrollment to 4hOnline as soon as possible.

Click HERE for 4hOnline Information for Lincoln and East Adams Counties.

Click Here for More General Club Enrollment Forms & Documents

Youth may participate in 4-H through:

  • Community or Project Clubs
  • Family/Individual 4-H
  • After School Clubs/Programs (Short Term Enrollment)
  • School Enrichment Programs (Short Term or Group Enrollment)
  • Short-Term Activities  such as:
    Camp, Clinics, Exchange, Know Your Government and More!


4-H programs at the club, county, and state level are absolutely dependent on the availability of enrolled 4-H volunteers. “More” volunteers helps share the tasks needed for quality programs!

Adults 19 and over may serve as 4-H Volunteers in a variety of ways. Volunteers may affiliate with a specific club or clubs as group (head), project, activity, and/or resource leaders. Volunteers may also serve in coordination, activity, or resource roles for short-term, county, or state 4-H programs. Potential new leaders should check HERE for the application process.

Some roles may require only an hour or two a year! Other commitments may need up to 100 or more hours – spread out over the year or in “chunks,” depending on the role or program.

Once enrolled & certified, annual re-enrollment including Valuable Partnership agreement is required to maintain 4-H Volunteer Certification. Volunteers are also expected to record their 4-H Volunteer hours via the WSU online volunteer hours reporting system. Volunteers who do not report volunteer activity for 2 years will lose automatic certification & re-enrollment privileges. Volunteers who are unable to be “active” due to special circumstances and who wish to maintain their 4-H Volunteer Certification can contact the Extension Office.

WSU Extension Programs and employment are available to all without discrimination. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your local WSU Extension Office. To request accommodation for special needs, call 659-3209.

Questions about 4-H in Lincoln or Adams County WA?
  • How to organize a new 4-H club, program, short-term, or after school activity?
  • How to enroll youth in 4-H?
  • How to volunteer?

Karen Robertson, Lincoln-Adams WSU  Extension Program Assistant – 509-659-3209 or

Randy Williams – Lincoln-Adams 4-H Program Coordinator – 509-869-1818

Bridget Rohner, WSU Extension Human Development Educator, Adams, & Lincoln Counties

Extension is for Everyone

Extension programs and policies are consistent with federal and state laws and regulations on nondiscrimination regarding race; sex/gender; sexual orientation; gender identity/expression; religion; age; color; creed; national or ethnic origin; physical, mental, or sensory disability, including disability requiring the use of a trained service animal; marital status, genetic information, and/or status as an honorably discharged veteran or member of the military. Report concerns to, 509-335-8288, or your local Extension office. Requests for special accommodations at Lincoln-Adams Extension Events can be made at least two weeks in advance by calling 509-659-3209 or 509-725-4171.