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Lincoln-Adams WA 4-H Volunteer Hours Reporting

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Make Your Hours Count!


Why Do 4-H Volunteers Need to Report Hours?

WSU Extension could not have an educational impact in local communities without the work done by volunteers. For this we thank you very much!

Volunteer hours are a powerful reporting tool for WSU Extension to demonstrate the broad-based support for our programming by citizens across Washington State. The State 4-H Office can provide the total numbers of WSU volunteer hours and their economic value – BY COUNTY – to County Commissioners and State Legislators to support the value of WSU Extension 4-H programs.

Also, both WSU and the State of Washington look after the well-being of volunteers by requiring workers’ compensation insurance for every volunteer. This pays for medical treatment in the event that you are injured while working as a volunteer.

Washington State law requires that all volunteers working in support of WSU programs are covered by worker compensation insurance. The Washington State Department of Labor and Industry uses the dates and number of hours that volunteers work to determine the amount of insurance that must be purchased to adequately cover our volunteers. To be in compliance with State Law, WSU Extension developed the online tool to facilitate collection and analysis of volunteer contributions.

All WSU Extension Volunteers are required to log in to report hours they worked for any WSU Extension program. Ideally, reporting should be done monthly, but the records can be “caught up” at any time. See details and other options on the 4-H Volunteer Time Log Instructions.

More information on 4-H Volunteer Hours Reporting System is available the WA State 4-H website at:

Again, thank you for all you do to support the 4-H program and thanks for making your hours count!

If you are an enrolled 4-H Volunteer,
reporting your 4-H volunteer hours is REQUIRED!

Three ways Lincoln-Adams 4-H volunteers can record hours.

  1. Enter your own hours on line. PREFERRED!
    • (Optional – use time-log to track hours first)
    • Log on to:
    • Enter your assigned User name  and Password.
      (Lincoln-Adams Volunteers: Contact Julie Hartz if you lost or don’t know your user name and password)
    • If you get a page that says “You must complete this information to continue” – complete, but do NOT change your user name and password. That way the extension office can help with your record in the future. Contact Julie if you you have any problems.
    • Click Volunteers from the left panel & then Enter Activity
    • Select “Activity” from drop down menu on right
    • Select a (year) month & date from the calendar & enter time. Click SAVE
    • Repeat from “select activity” for each activity/date.
    • Hours should be entered monthly.
      (If you miss a month or more, please enter as soon as possible.)
    • You may update your personal information as needed.
    • Screen-shot video example of entering hours on-line
  2. If you are unable to connect with the on-line system,

    • Remember your public library or local school library may provide internet access.
    • If YOU can’t enter your hours, PLEASE enlist the help of  another volunteer, teen leader or other person you trust to enter your hours on line. Or make an appointment to use a computer at the Extension Office.
    • As a last resort:  Contact  Julie Hartz – at or 659-3209.
      Send Log Form:
      Lincoln-Adams 4-H, WSU Extension, 205 W Main Ave., Ritzville, WA  99169.
      Extension staff will enter your hours if and when time permits.

What information do I have to record?

  1. Record the time period that represents actual time spent on allowable activities for 4-H.  These are the activities documented in your 4-H Volunteer Agreement for club, county or state 4-H roles.
    (Do NOT record Family 4-H hours.)
  2. Document the type of activity:
    On your time-log, you can write in a description or select an abbreviation below.
    (If you enter on-line – there will be a drop down menu.)

C = Club/County 4-H Event – Most 4-H activities including time with 4-H members or leaders; attending or assisting with meetings, activities, or events
D  = Deliver Educational Training – Teaching or providing a specific training
H = Help at Fair – Time spent as a 4-H Leader at a Fair.
P = Prepare for Educational Training – Time spent planning, making phone calls, etc
S = Support/Office Work – Time spent assisting extension or 4-H program with office or other programmatic activities not connected to a specific club.

Your Time Is Valuable To Us and your Community!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


Use to help track hours before entering on-line
or send to Extension Office ONLY if unable to access the on-line system.

Lincoln-Adams 4-H Volunteer Hours Log-Form (PDF) for Lincoln-Adams WA
(Note: the link to the Hours database is old on the PDF – it should be

Need your user name & password (Lincoln or Adams Co. WA 4-H Volunteers)  or have QUESTIONS?
Julie Hartz    509-659-3209
WSU Extension  Program Assistant – Lincoln-Adams
205 W Main Ave., Ritzville, WA 99169

About the requirement:
Randy Williams    509-869-1818 or 509-725-4171
Lincoln-Adams 4-H Program Coordinator

WSU Extension Programs are available to all without discrimination. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your local WSU Extension Office. To request accommodation for special needs for Lincoln-Adams, WA programs in advance, call 659-3209 or 725-4171.