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Volunteer Development

Program Contact: Randy Williams

4-H Volunteers Make a World of Difference

4-H members are helped by adult volunteer leaders. Every 4-H club has one or more adult leaders. 4-H volunteers are also required for “short-term” or non “CLUB” activities such as after-school programs, camps, county or area wide program management, and more!

These certified volunteer leaders may:
  • Help teach boys and girls.
  • Help organize a club.
  • Help officers and assist at meetings.
  • Inform parents and others about 4-H.
  • Work with WSU Extension and/or other volunteers to plan or conduct programs and activities.
  • Lead a Family 4-H Group for individual study/4-H involvement.

How to join as an adult volunteer:

  • What is an adult volunteer?
    • A volunteer is someone who devotes his or her time gratuitously to the WSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program without expectation of pay or benefits
  • How can I serve as a volunteer?
    • WSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program Certified Volunteers
      • General/Organizational Leader
      • Project Leader
      • 4-H Service Leader
      • 4-H County Program Leader
    • Resource Volunteers
    • 4-H Collaborators

Ways to Volunteer:

  • General Club Leader: The main club leader and organizer who works with general club meetings.
  • Project Leader: Works with members on their specific project work.
  • Activity Leader: Responsible for one or more activities. Some examples are recreation, record keeping, public presentations, community service activities, camp or after-school activities.
  • Resource Leader. May be certified to work with specific short-term programs or un-certified and listed as a contact to work with the supervision of certified volunteers or WSU faculty/staff to plan/conduct tasks and activities.
  • Teen Leader: Works under the guidance of an adult. Helps with activities and events or helps members with their project work.

4-H Volunteers are valued by WSU Extension and the 4-H Youth Development Program. 4-H volunteers and extension staff work together as a team.

Volunteer Enrollment for the 2020-2021 4-H Year

4-H programs at the club, county, and state level are absolutely dependent on the availability of enrolled 4-H volunteers. “More” volunteers help share the tasks needed for quality programs!

Adults 19 and over may serve as 4-H Volunteers in a variety of ways. Volunteers may affiliate with a specific club or clubs as group (head), project, activity, and/or resource leaders. Volunteers may also serve in coordination, activity, or resource roles for short-term, county, or state 4-H programs. Potential new leaders should check HERE for the application process.

Once enrolled & certified, annual re-enrollment including Valuable Partnership agreement is required to maintain 4-H Volunteer Certification. Volunteers are also expected to record their 4-H Volunteer hours via the WSU online volunteer hours reporting system. Volunteers who do not report volunteer activity for 2 years will lose automatic certification & re-enrollment privileges. Volunteers who are unable to be “active” due to special circumstances and who wish to maintain their 4-H Volunteer Certification can contact the Extension Office.

More information: WA State 4-H Volunteers

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