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Volunteer Education

Program Contact: Randy Williams

LeaderYouth_LineDrawing_Filled4-H volunteers are the backbone of the 4-H program! 4-H cannot grow and cannot grow youth into tomorrow’s good citizens and community leaders without caring adults willing to share their time working with youth and other adults to create and conduct relevant activities and experiences.

To ensure 4-H youth have physically and emotionally safe, fun & learning environments at all 4-H activities, ALL adults with unsupervised access to 4-H youth must apply, be screened, trained, and certified for their specific roles.

4-H Volunteers Process:

    1. Contact the Extension Office and APPLY
    2. Volunteer Background Check

      Completed a background check with Sterling Volunteers.  Please use the Good Deed Code Crapm4s if a code is needed.

Once the volunteer background check is cleared then all approved volunteers will need to complete the following trainings:

4-H 101 Volunteer Leader Training Part B:  Randy Williams, Lincoln/Adams 4-H Program Coordinator will contact volunteer applicants to complete the 4-H Volunteer training.

Additional Education for 4-H Volunteers

Shooting Sports (Required for Shooting Sports Project leadership)

Additional 4-H Shooting Sports Training for specific shooting sports disciplines is required for certified 4-H volunteers to lead 4-H Shooting Sports Projects. Lincoln and (East) Adams 4-H leaders interested in leading shooting sports projects should contact Julie Hartz 509-659-3209. You will be notified when 4-H Shooting Sports Trainings are scheduled in WA or ID.
More info on WA State 4-H Shooting Sports.