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Volunteer Education

LeaderYouth_LineDrawing_Filled4-H volunteers are the backbone of the 4-H program! 4-H can not grow and can not grow youth into tomorrow’s good citizens and community leaders without caring adults willing to share their time working with youth and other adults to create and conduct relevant activities and experiences.

To ensure 4-H youth have physically and emotionally safe, fun & learning environments at all 4-H activities, ALL adults with unsupervised access to 4-H youth must apply, be screened, trained, and certified for their specific roles.

Certification Steps:

    1. Contact the Extension Office and APPLY
    2. Volunteer Enrollment

      Completed 4-H Volunteer Application, completion of both 4-H 101 Parts 1 & 2, + successful background check are required for certification and enrollment as a 4-H volunteer. A volunteer will be officially enrolled once the certification process is complete, and all information is submitted including forms signed by the volunteer in the 4hOnline enrollment system. 

      Additional Training sessions MAY be scheduled depending on the availability of 4-H Training Staff AND A MINIMUM of 5 adults that can agree to attend training on the same date in the same location. Watch for more details.

  • WSU Put the Child First Training Video           
    Create an account at eXtension Online Campus to access courses.                 
    Once Registered for volunteer courses, enter Enrollment Key:
    WSU Put the Child First Enrollment Key:  LINCOLN/ADAMS4H
  • 4-H 101 Leader Training Parts 1 and 2 for Club Leaders and Volunteers
    Are you thinking about starting a new 4-H club or family 4-H group? Are you signing up as a volunteer with 4-H for the first time? Are you a returning volunteer and have not completed 4-H 101 Leader Training? If so, please contact Randy Williams,
  • New 4-H volunteers are required to complete the 4-H 101 Volunteer Leader Training Parts 1 & 2. This training (how to plan club programming, ensure you are up-to-date on WSU and state 4-H policies and procedures, risk management, etc.) will prepare you to become a certified 4-H volunteer of a 4-H club or group.
  • WSU 4-H Volunteer Application Forms:  PDF Version. All volunteers signing up for the first time must submit application forms to the Extension Office.

4-H 101 Volunteer Leader Training Part 1 (Prerequisite for 4-H 101 Part 2):
  Completed WSU 4-H Volunteer Application on file at the Extension office.
  Complete the Washington 4-H Volunteer Orientation Modules. Enrollment Key:  LINCOLNADAMS
 Complete the WSU Put the Child First training video.  Enrollment Key:  LINCOLN/ADAMS4H
Note:  Create an account at eXtension Online Campus to access and complete courses.

4-H 101 Volunteer Leader Training Part 2
 Trainings are held in Adams County. Scheduled training dates are announced in
the 4-H Newsletter and an RSVP to the Extension Office is required.

Club Charter Training & New Family 4-H Group Orientation

Once all or most of the prospective leaders of a new 4-H Club, or NEW Family 4-H Group are TRAINED and certified, (see above) an additional Club Charter/Group Orientation session will be scheduled for the General (Head) leader(s) and Adult Club Treasurers of the group. This session will review and cover additional details concerning group organization. The Club Charter Training is also required when there is a transition to a different General (Head) Leader for a Club.

Additional Education for 4-H Volunteers

Shooting Sports (Required for Shooting Sports Project leadership)

Additional 4-H Shooting Sports Training for specific shooting sports disciplines is required for certified 4-H volunteers to lead 4-H Shooting Sports Projects. Lincoln and (East) Adams 4-H leaders interested in leading shooting sports projects should contact Julie Hartz 509-659-3209. You will be notified when 4-H Shooting Sports Trainings are scheduled in WA or ID.
More info on WA State 4-H Shooting Sports.

Education for 4-H Livestock Volunteers (Highly recommended)

Check out the on-line training modules for 4-H livestock leaders! On-line training is an accessible, interactive, and fun way to learn more about topics that are important for youth livestock projects!
Visit the Veterinary Medicine Extension 4-H & Fair Page for topics such as:

  • Animal Disease Screening Tools
  • Biscecurity
  • Disease Prevention and Housing Modules
  • Quality Assurance