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4-H News & Announcements

Program Contact: Bridget Rohner, WSU Extension Youth Family & Community Education, Lincoln-Adams
(509) 725-4171 •

Program Contact: Randy Williams, Lincoln-Adams 4-H Program Coordinator
(509) 725-4171  •

Program Contact: Karen Robertson, Lincoln-Adams WSU Extension Program Assistant
(509) 659-3209  •

New to 4-H?

Visit the About 4-H Page.       Lincoln/E. Adams 4-H Contacts

Enrollment Reminders

Attention Lincoln-Adams 4-H folk: Please be sure your enrollment information is up-to-date in the 4hOnline System.  Note that some ADAMS Co. youth members are “PENDING” and NOT YET OFFICIALLY ENROLLED because they have not paid this year’s WA State 4-H Enrollment Fee.

Na-Bor-Lee 4-H Youth Camp
is FULL!

Accepting Registrations to secure a spot on the Waiting List

On the banks of Lake Roosevelt – North of Davenport WA
July 9 – 13 for Counselors & CITs – Ages 13 – 18
July 10-13 for 50 Campers- Ages 8-12
Click here for Camp Na-Bor-Lee Information.


4-H 101 Part 2 4-H Leader Training

ONE remaining 4-H 101 Part 2 Leader Training date for the 2019 4-H year MAY Lincoln, Adams, and Grant Counties!

  • May 29, 2019 – 5:30 PM
    WSU Extension Office, Moses Lake
    PLEASE RSVP to Jeannie Kiehn

If you are interested in completing the training to enroll and certify as a 4-H  volunteer or re-certify after a break in service, please contact Jeannie Kiehn   at 509-754-2011 extension 4309 to RSVP. If you do not have a recent 4-H Volunteer Application on file, please  complete and return ASAP. Application and information on the pre-requisite 4-H 101 Part 1 on-line training available on: 

Lincoln-Adams 4-H E-News

Are you enrolled in Lincoln or Adams County WA 4-H? If so, are you receiving the weekly Lincoln-Adams 4-H E-News via your email? If not, check your “spam folder” and or contact Karen Robertson via email or phone 509-659-3209 and let us know! Please send comments, feedback, news and/or photos of YOUR activities in 4-H to Karen Robertson.
If you did not receive via email, you can find here: Lincoln-Adams 4-H E-News Archives

Check out the 4-H Events Calendar. This is a list version of dates for Lincoln-Adams 4-H folk such as Super Saturdays, Clinics, Meetings, deadlines, etc. The link is found in the menu under “4-H Youth Development.”  And check out the grid-style Calendar that includes a variety of WSU Extension events.

4-H Leaders’ Councils

Each county has a 4-H Leaders’ Council. All enrolled adult and teen 4-H leaders are encouraged to actively participate. The purpose of the Council is to help provide direction and support for the local 4-H program. Council’s are also the liaison to the WA State 4-H Leaders’ Council which helps provide support and direction for WA State 4-H Program as a whole.

The next (East) Adams Co. 4-H Leaders’ Council meeting is scheduled Wednesday, April 24, 2019 – 5:30 PM at the Ritzville WSU Extension Office. Contact Camille Nelson with agenda items and questions.

The next Lincoln Co. 4-H Leaders’ Council meeting has not been scheduled.

More details on 4-H Leaders’ Council

4-H Horse Program

Reminders and upcoming “Horse” events and resources are on the Li-Adams 4-H Horse Announcements Page.

Livestock Updatessilhouette of steer, lamb, goat, & pig

Livestock information and upcoming events can be found on the Livestock Page.

4-H Policy and Procedure Handbook

The WA State 4-H Policy Publication was revised and expanded in January 2019!

Age Divisions for 4-H
4-H is open to all youth between the ages five (5) and nineteen (19) (4-H Age).  4-H age for youth members is determined by birth date.

  • 4-H Age is determined by October 1st of the current 4-H year. ( 10/1/18 for the current 2018-2019 4-H Year)
    (NOTE: GRADE is no longer used to determine 4-H age or eligibility)
  • Youth who have reached their 5th birthday (before October 1st of the current 4-H year), through those who have not reached their 19th birthday (before October 1st of the current 4-H year)
  • The following groups are identified for special programs and activity participation, including all competitive events/activities, within the WSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program:
    o Cloverbuds: 5 to 7 years of age
    o Junior: 8 to 10 years of age
    o Intermediate: 11 to 13 years of age
    o Senior: 14 to less than 19 years of age
  • Cross-age division competitive events are not allowed.
  • Members must have reached their 8th birthday by October 1st of the current 4-H year to be eligible for:
    o Competitive situations, including livestock shows or sales
    o Enrollment in large animal projects including beef, dairy, goat, equine, sheep, llama, and swine
    o Enrollment in shooting sports projects
    o Enrollment in projects using motorized vehicles
    o Enrollment in food preservation projects
  • Cloverbuds may participate in age-appropriate activities and projects. Projects recommended for Cloverbuds youth may include: Dog, Cat, Poultry, Rabbit, Pygmy or Miniature Goat, Horseless Horse, Cavy, Exploring the World of Small Animals, Exploring Farm Animals, Discovery, Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Aerospace, Bicycle, Computer, Photography, Clothing, Just Outside the Door, and Exploring 4-H. Cloverbuds may not participate in competitive activities.
  • Special Education youth, older than 19 and less than 21 years of age, may enroll with the approval of the WSU Extension 4-H Faculty.
  • Youth that are married and / or youth that are parents are allowed to participate in all activities within the 4-H program.

The Complete WA State 4-Policy & Procedure Handbook contains much more information for 4-H club leaders, parents, and leaders.


Lincoln-Adams 4-H E-News

If you need a hard copy of a specific E-News letter for someone who does not have internet access, please contact Karen Robertson – email  or 509-659-3209.

Extension is for Everyone

Extension programs and policies are consistent with federal and state laws and regulations on nondiscrimination regarding race; sex/gender; sexual orientation; gender identity/expression; religion; age; color; creed; national or ethnic origin; physical, mental, or sensory disability, including disability requiring the use of a trained service animal; marital status, genetic information, and/or status as an honorably discharged veteran or member of the military. Report concerns to, 509-335-8288, or your local Extension office. Requests for special accommodations at Lincoln-Adams Extension Events can be made at least two weeks in advance by calling 509-659-3209 or 509-725-4171.