WSU, a Land Grant College, is dedicated to agriculture production in Washington State. And agriculture, primarily dry-land wheat and barley production, is the primary industry in the Lincoln and East Adams County Area. WSU Faculty and specialists work together to solve agronomic issues, providing education and information on innovative crop production methods, pest identification and management, new seed varieties, to local producers through field tours, workshops, seminars, and pesticide courses. See menu links for categories of information.

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Wheat All About It - Podcast - Listen to Your Wheat - where to go to download -Wheat All About It! A Podcast

Ever wish there was a way to listen to a magazine in your truck, tractor, combine or maybe even your easy chair with your eyes closed? Then the Washington Grain Commission-sponsored podcast, Wheat All About It! is for you. About 20 minutes in length, the podcast can be downloaded to your smart phone or computer or streamed. Download times vary depending on speed of the connection. Coffee shops, parts shops and libraries often have fast Wi-Fi to download episodes quickly. Click here for more information:

Washington State Crop Improvement Association, Inc.
 A non-profit organization working with Washington State University, Oregon State University, along with other Public and Private breeding programs, as well as with Washington State Department of Agriculture and Washington seed growers and conditioners to develop, produce and distribute certified seed in order to improve crop quality and yields in Washington.

2017 WSCIA Certified Seed Buying Guide
Spring Wheat, Legumes, Spring Barley, Winter Wheat

 Weed Control Report

The 2016 WSU Weed Control Report is now available on the Wheat and Small Grains website. The annual report summarizes the results from field studies conducted by Ian Burke, Drew Lyon, and their staff. The research was conducted in winter wheat, spring wheat, chemical fallow, grasslands, alfalfa, chickpeas, and dry pea

FREE Grower Education Series Starting Feb. 1  Feb. 22

Titles of the 6 PulsEd ModulesPulsED is offering six (6) FREE live “webinar” event modules.  PulsED is a partnership between the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council and the Spokane Regional Office of the USDA Risk Management Agency. PulsED provides grower education on the best practices to grow pulse crops in the Pacific Northwest in order to reduce risk.

These webinar sessions will be available for FREE participation at the Ritzville WSU Extension Office Conference Room, 205 W Main Ave., Ritzville, WA 99169. No pre-registration required.

OR, register for all 6 of these modules, the first of which will be 7:30 am on February 1, 2017. (Rescheduled for March 1)  You can join the webinars from your home computer or phone, or visit a site location such as the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council office or other download sites to interact with other growers who may have the same questions you do. By attending the event, you will have the chance to ask questions directly to the expert panels and make sure that you get answers to any issues you may face growing your next pulse crop.

No-till farming in the Pacific Northwest


Falling Numbers

WSU publication on “Falling Numbers.” Producers dealing with wheat quality issues should check it out on

More information available on Falling Numbers or other current grain quality issues are on Wheat and Small Grains Grain Quality Resources Page.

Enterprise budget for intermediate & low rainfall regions

The Extension publication “Enterprise Budgets: Wheat & Canola Rotations in Eastern Washington Intermediate Rainfall (12-16″) Zone (Oilseed Series)” is now available. Click here for a pdf of the publication.  The accompanying Excel spreadsheet workbook can be accessed here.

This budget and the low rainfall version with its workbook (available hereare powerful tools to calculate and compare the short and long-term economics of including canola in a cereal rotation.

Stripe rust on wheat leafBe on the lookout for Rust & other disease issues!

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Small Grains Website - graphic of Farm Bill decision aids

Farm Bill Information

Decision Aids, Outreach & Education, and Farm Bill News is available on the WSU smallgrains website.

Other Resources

Video Presentation: Growth & Development in Wheat Crops
This presentation by Ron Rickman and Tami Johlke outlines how to determine normal growth and development in wheat crops and was part of the WSU Extension Wheat Academy.

Trees in snow-covered crop field at sunset


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