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Arts & Crafts

With Arts & Crafts projects, the world is your canvas! There truly is no limit the ways in which 4-Hers design beautiful art to share with the people around them. Grab your tools and see what you can create!

Arts & Crafts projects are open to all 4-Hers.

Don’t see anything that fits a project idea you had? You can sign up for a Self-Determined Arts project and create your own! Learn more on the Self-Determined Project page!



Crafts describes a wide variety of activities involving making things with one’s own hands. There is no limit to what you can create!

If you are looking for projects such as sewing or knitting, check out the Needle Arts page.

WSU Curriculum and Resources

Standards of Quality in Crafts

National 4-H Curriculum and Resources

My Favorite Things (Collecting) ( All ages)

Creative Writing

Put pen to paper and get writing! From poetry to prose, fiction, non-fiction, or somewhere in between, we can’t wait to read what you write!

National 4-H Curriculum and Resources

The Writer in You (Intermediate, Senior)

Digital Art

Create art with today’s technology! Digital Art focuses on creating digital art with technology such as computers, tablets, and more!


Canva: Online software for creating flyers, bookmarks, and more! Free and paid services available.

Expressive & Visual Arts

There is no limit to the ways in which 4-Hers can show their creativity through Expressive and Visual Arts. Learn about color, form, composition, and more!

WSU Curriculum and Resources

Creative You: Expressive Arts

National 4-H Curriculum and Resources

Visual Arts  (All ages)

Filmmaking & Video Art

Lights… camera… action! Grab your video camera and get recording for your Filmmaking & Video Art project.

National 4-H Curriculum and Resources

Filmmaking Curriculum (Junior, Intermediate, Senior)
Online Resources


With the Metalworking project, 4-Hers create stunning works of art with various types of metals.


Grab your camera and show us your world! The Photography project guides 4-Hers through the basics of photography, from lighting to composition and everything in between!

WSU Curriculum and Resources:

Photography Record
Score Card for 4-H Photography
Scorecard for 4-H Digital Photography


National 4-H Curriculum and Resources

Photography Curriculum (Junior, Intermediate, Senior)
Online Resources


Connect earth and the arts with a Woodworking project! From small projects such as frames and coasters to projects as large as boatbuilding, there’s something for every 4-Her!

WSU Curriculum and Resources

Woodworking Exhibit Score Card – Free
Woodworking Record – Free


National 4-H Curriculum and Resources



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