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Cheatgrass Management Presentation

Program Contact: Aaron Esser, Agronomist Lincoln/Adams Area
509-659-3210 •

PowerPoint by Aaron Esser,  WSU Extension Agronomist, from 2/27/08
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Cheatgrass Control in Winter Wheat; What Works - Title Slide

Cheatgrass Management PowerPoint Presentation – Introduction (PPT)   (PDF)
19 slides

Harvest Management Strategies for a Downy Brome Infestation - photo of back end of combine

Cheatgrass Management -Slides 20-26- Harvest Strategies (PPT)     (PDF)
6 slides

Crop Rotation Management Strategies for a Downey Brome Infestation - Spring Cereal -

Cheatgrass Management – Slides 27 – 34 –  Crop Rotation Strategies (PPT)    (PDF)
8 slides

A good competitive crop is your best herbicide

Cheatgrass Management –Slides 35 – 47 – Fertilizer and Herbicide Management Strategies (PPT)    (PDF)
12 slides

Auto steer technology - reduced overlap from 12% down to 5%

Cheatgrass Management – Slides 48 – 56 – Technology & Conclusion (PPT)    (PDF)
8 slides