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Farm to School

Program Contact: , Interim County Director
(253) 798-3296

Farm to School

(adapted from Memorandum of Summary of Pierce County Farm to School Team, Oct. 2015-Dec 2017)

Mission Statement:

Implement farm to school programs in Pierce County. Work directly with school districts and other constituents to identify barriers and obstacles to implementing farm to school and how to overcome these obstacles. Increase the market opportunities for local farmers by connecting them with local school districts.



  1. Provide materials for local Parent Teacher Association (PTA) members to communicate with school boards
  2. Connect with State initiatives and lobbying efforts
  3. Outreach to local schools and farms

The Farm to School – Pierce County Team has seen growth and several results over the past year and a half. Since its creation, the number of Team members has grown and is much more diversified. Writing a unified mission statement and clearly outlining the Team’s objectives have given the group a focused direction that helps the work be more efficient and effective. The briefs published by WSU Extension have been a valued accomplishment greatly appreciated by PTA and community members. Many examples of networking, outreach and lobbying have also occurred. In 2018, the Team will continue to support the farm to school effort and help implement farm to school in Pierce County school districts where there is interest.


The Impacts of Farm to School Programming on Students and Communities (pdf)

The Impact of School Gardens on K-12 Students (pdf)