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Youth Program

Empowering young people in exploring and protecting the natural world is filled with adventure, science, mathematics, empathy and creativity. The WSU Extension Pierce County Master Gardener Program is committed to providing free resources, events and learning opportunities for the young people and their families of Pierce County.

Grab and Go Kits are one way we offer learning resources. Either access our Google Folder of classroom or home learning resources. You can also call the office and reserve a Grab and Go Kit for free!

Our Grab and Go Kits are curriculum boxes with materials, tools, printouts and activities that explore three different gardening themes geared towards elementary level learners.

Plants: Roots and Shoots


If you’d like to visit our Demonstration Gardens or Community Garden events or tours for families and young gardeners, please head to those specific pages.

We also highly recommend visiting the opportunities near you with our partners at Pierce County 4-H and Pierce County Environmental Educators! Pierce County is passionate about providing research-based learning materials for families and young people to explore and engage in the natural world.