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Soil Health

Matt’s “Way Out Kids” debut was fun to see after 4 hours of filming in the garden in early June. Three segments were created: “Soil Your Undies”, “Compost 1”, and “Compost 2”.  Here are the links if you have not seen them posted on our various media:
Matt starring in “Soil your Undies”



Matt Starring in “Compost” Part 1 (the composting process)


Matt starring in “Compost” Part 2 (worm bins)


Composting Resources | Pierce County, WA – Official Website (

Build Your Own Compost Bins

Using a compost in keeps the material contained, neat and manageable—and there is a bin to fit every size yard. Use the information below to help you decide which bin to use, then download the plans and build one.

Compost Food and Yard Waste Separately

Pests like ants, rats and raccoons are attracted to food scraps in outdoor bins.
Compost them separately to avoid any unwanted visitors.

Wood Worm Bin for Food Waste