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Kids in the Kitchen

Program Contact: Linda Mathews, SNAP-Ed Program Manager
253-798-7154 •

An After School Program for ages 6-15 yearsKids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen is an interactive curriculum split into three sets of lessons, based on age group. The program encourages young people to eat healthier meals and snacks by allowing youth the opportunity to have hands on cooking experiences.

Youth participants will learn how to prepare simple, healthy foods they can make for themselves at home or with their families. Seven lessons are offered to youth ages 6-12 years old. Eight lessons are offered to youth ages 13-15 years old.

Topics and activities include:

  • Food safety awareness and best practices
  • Making balanced meals
  • USDA’s MyPlate food groups
  • Basic cooking skills

5 young African American teenagers gathered around in a half circle making a pasta dish with an electric skillet
eight teenagers pose look at the camera and display the food they created during class.

Caucasian teenager washing dishes