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YA4-H! Resources

Program Contact: Autumn Britt, Extension Program Manager - 4-H Youth Development
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Yakima County Youth Advocates for Health (YA4-H!) has put together some resources for you to discover fun recipes, games, and learn fun new facts about how to lead a healthy balanced life! In these resources you’ll discover “milk math,” banana-oatmeal cookies, interactive stories, songs and more. Have fun exploring!

Screenshot from a poster focusing on how colors of foods are relevant to health.

Summer 2021 Food, Fun, and Fitness Printables

Printables from the Food, Fun, and Fitness curriculm from summer of 2021.
Nutrition Label.

Nutrition Labels

Check out these resources and activities to decode nutrition labels!
collection of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and Vegetables

Learn about how different fruits and vegetables power your body and discover new recipes.
can of Coca Cola in front of a cooler of drinks.

How Much Sugar Do You Drink?

We know hydrating is important, but not all drinks give you the same benefits. Discover the differences!
two slices of whole grain bread with a heart cut out of each.

Whole Grains

What are whole grains? These grains contain important health benefits and they taste great! Be sure to make (at least) half your grains whole!
kids playing outside.

Get Moving!

Now that you’ve learned a lot about different fuels for your body, check out different ways to use that fuel and learn why movement and exercise are important.
An orchard with a sunset behind it.

Farm to Table: Agriculture in the Yakima Valley and Beyond

Ever wondered what fruits and vegetables are grown in Washington? Click to learn more about the crucial role Washington State, and specifically the Yakima Valley, plays in the agriculture industry.
A small female child with her father measuring ingredients and cooking in a kitchen.

Kids in the Kitchen

Ready to start making healthy recipes in your kitchen? Use these resources to find healthy recipes and kitchen tips and tricks that the whole family can participate in!
Small male child in jeans sitting on a post and resting peacefully.

Mindfulness for Children

Have you ever wanted to be more present in the moment? Or felt stressed and needed a way to unwind? Try mindfulness! Mindfulness has a wide range of physical and mental benefits... use these activities to get started today.
A small child puts dirt over a plant in a garden with the help of one adult.

Gardening Ideas for Kids

Interested in growing your own healthy foods? Use these tips to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level and create your own garden!
4-H clover with text underneath reading health and nutrition resources.

Additional Health and Nutrition Resources

Check out this page to discover even more resources, games, and recipes.