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Summer 2012

The Time of Bats
Controlling Weeds
Go Native for the Birds

Spring 2012

Home Garden & Landscape Beneficials – Western Yellow Jacket

What is my Garden trying to tell me!


Winter 2011

Houseplant Basics
Dwarf and Miniature Conifers
Color in the Shade

Fall 2011

Bulb Basics
Fall Blooming Perennials – Color Your Garden!
Winter Container Care

Summer 2011

How to Make a Living Wreath
Vegetables for Winter Bounty

Spring 2011

Understanding Zone Maps
Great Native Plants for Your Garden


Winter 2010

Early Spring in the Vegetable Garden
Dwarf Conifers
A Winter Wonderland of Fragrance

Fall 2010

10 Shade Plants for Winter
Saving Seeds
Websites for Gardeners
Fall Garden Chores

Summer 2010

How to Ripen Green Tomatoes
Plant Propagation Using Cuttings
Bring Tropics to You
Hanging Tomato Planter

Spring 2010

Native Bees
Chocolate PlantsStarting an Asparagus Bed
Beastly Abodes


Winter 2009

Garden Spraying
Arum ItalicumTo Propagate…Or Not
Witch Hazel

Fall 2009

Apple Trees in Containers
Preparing Roses for Winter
Gifts for Christmas

Summer 2009

Cobra Lillies…Exotic and Intriguing
Rhubarb – Poison to Pie
Leaf Miners

May 2009

Native Plant Appreciation Week – Wildflower Walks in Southwest Washington
What are Genetically Modified (GM) Plants?
Vegetables 101

April 2009

Box-elder Bug
Tissue Culture for Dummies – A Very Brief Discussion of a Complex Topic
Yoga for Gardeners

March 2009

Groundcovers Go Native!
Vegitable Seed and Plant Suppliers by Speciality
Miniature Roses – Versatile Landscape Gems

February 2009

Northwest Native Spring Flower Garden
A Winter Gem in the Garden – Hellebores


December 2008

Cat Tails
Favorite Gardening Reading
Gardening Gifts

November 2008

Preserving Herbs
Mulching Tender Plants

October 2008

Preparing Beds for Fall Bulb Planting
Storing ProducePreparing Roses for Winter

September 2008

Midnight MadnessCritter Tales
For the Birds

August 2008


July 2008

Vegetable Container GardeningFun with Containers
Growing Roses in Containers

June 2008

The Hummingbird Chirps
It’s June. Sow What???
Summer Bulbs

May 2008

Protecting Young Plants

April 2008

Preview – Camas Mother’s Day Plant Fair – May 10

March 2008

Native Orchids
Creating a Simple Bog Garden


November/December 2007

Gardening Gifts
Favorite Garden Reading II

October 2007

Chinese Lanterns
Bulbs 101
Preparing Roses for Winter

September 2007

Bee Balm, Bergamot/Oswego Tea (Monarda didyma sp.)
Harvest Time
Plant Edibles in September

August 2007

Cape Fuchsia
Spider Mites
Vertical Gardening

July 2007

English Roses
Yellowjackets, Hornets, and Paper Wasps

June 2007

Local Farmers Market
Neem Oil – An effective tool for the gardener
Clark County Fair Exhibitor Information
Evolution in Hydrangea Horticulture

May 2007

Red Hot Poker (Torch Lily)
Small Garden Spaces

April 2007

Sun-tolerant Hostas and Ferns
Pineapple Sage
Mother’s Day Activities
Spring Bulbs After the Bloom – Then What?

March 2007

Discover the Tiarella
Top Dressing Your Lawn With Compost
Seeding Hardy Vegetables in March

January/February 2007

Dormant Care of Fruit Trees
Vegetable Seed and Plant Suppliers by Specialty
Winter and Roses
Captivating Coastal Wayside


November/December 2006

How to Make a Living Wreath
Euphorbia Two
Does Size Matter? Versatile Landscape Gems
Vertical Gardening

October 2006

The Delicious Delicata
Propagation Methods – Stem Cuttings

September 2006

September in the Vegetable Garden
Mulching Tender Plants
Fall – The Perfect Time to Plant

August 2006

Edible Flowers
Sow in August and Harvest in Fall, Winter, and Spring
Ornamental Trees for Urban Gardens

June/July 2006

Shade Gardening
Extending the Growing Season
Hanging Baskets
Late Blight of Tomatoes

May 2006

The Beneficial Ladybug
Compelling Small Garden Spaces

April 2006

Ixia (Iridaceae)
Hebe Scrophulariacrea
Starting with Seeds
The Edible Pea from A to Z

March 2006

Orchard Mason Bees
Flowering Quince

January/February 2006

Hummingbirds in Winter


November/December 2005

Decorations and Gifts from Nature
Favorite Garden Reading
Facts About Bracts
Calla Lilies (SA Bulb)

October 2005

Pumpkin Carving
P-touch Labels for Plants
Why Leaves Turn Red
Amaryllis Belladonna (SA Bulb)

September 2005

Victory Gardens
Fall Bloomers
Butchart Gardens
Agreeable Agapanthus, Love Flower (SA Bulb)

August 2005

Fungus Gnats
Plant Stepables
Introducing South African Bulbs

July 2005

Lemon Herbs
Gardening in the Wet and the Dry

June 2005

Batatas, Not Potatoes
Tomato Yield & Late Blight Study
Vertical Gardening
U.S. Botanic Garden

May 2005

Is Ricinus Risky? (Castor Bean Plant)
Colorful Coleus

April 2005

Vegetable Container Gardening
Neem Oil
Gardening on Steep Slopes

March 2005

Dry Stream Beds
Beating Flea Beetles

January/February 2005

Ornamental Seeds to Start Early
Plants for the Winter Garden
Spring Rose Pruning
Now is the Hour – to Build a Strawberry Tower


November/December 2004

Garden Art
Dormant Care of Fruit Trees
Favorite Garden Reading

October 2004

Cover Crops
Controlling Weeds
Preserving Flowers and Foliage
Preparing Roses for Winter

September 2004

Invasion of the Eastern Box-elder Bugs
Hoop Houses
Lawn and Tree Myths

August 2004

Dealing With Summer’s Bounty
Winter Containers Foster Winter Contentment
Horticultural Myths
Miniature and Dwarf Conifers

July 2004

Leafhoppers and Leaf Rollers
Healthy Tomatoes
Planting for Fall, and Winter, and Spring

June 2004

Gardening with Kids
Grower’s Guide (updated)
Asteraceae, Aster/Michaelmas Daisy

May 2004

Go Crazy with Cucurbits
Ornamental Gourds
Moon Gardens

April 2004

Reducing Carrot Rust Fly Damage in Your Garden
Lawn Alternatives
Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens
Garden Math

March 2004

Be a Beneficial Gardener – Support Your Local Insects!
Garden Gates
Culinary Crabapples

January/February 2004

Vegetable Seed and Plant Sources
Garden-related Record-keeping
Chocolate Plants


November/December 2003

A Winter Warning (Zucchini)
Winter Care for Containers
Living Christmas Trees

October 2003

Garden Bandits
Why Leaves Turn Red
Holiday Plants

September 2003

Spiders: A Gardener’s Friend
Using Garden Sage Wisely
Fire Defensible Gardening

August 2003

Zen Gardens
Portland Japanese Gardens
Ornamental Grasses

July 2003

Praying Mantis
Hoyt Arboretum
Gardening as Exercise

June 2003

Ten Terrific Trees
My Discovery of Heirloom Roses
Marigolds (Tagetes)

May 2003

Some Corn-y Advice
Vegetables as Landscape Plants
Great Shrubs for the Northwest
Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens

April 2003

Tobacco Mosaic Virus
Microscopic Food Chain in our Gardens
Scents and Sensibility (Nicotiana)

March 2003

Verticillium Wilt
Sweet Peas
Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens
Heirloom Apples

January/February 2003

Home Invaders
Growing Zones
Big-Leaved Plants
Recycling Nursery Containers


November/December 2002

Planting for Winter Pleasure
Building a Water Feature
Hardwood Cuttings
Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

October 2002

A Day in the Master Gardener Office
Bulbs 101
“A” is for Allium
“D” is for Daffodil
“T” is for Tulip

September 2002

European Paper Wasp
Should You Make Room for Rumex
Peony Pleasures

August 2002

To Irrigate or Not to Irrigate
Gardening for Every Body
Her Majesty – Genus Lilium
Clematis – They’re Baaack

July 2002

Black Spot
Gardening with Bambi
Shade Gardening
Lovely Lavender

June 2002

Pacific Tree Frog
It’s June, Sow What?
Hanging Baskets

May 2002

Tender Vegetables
Easier-to-Grow Perennials

April 2002

Garter Snakes
Gray Mold or Botrytis
Vegetable Garden Design
The Edible and Delicious Ground Cherry

March 2002

The Straight Scoop on Strawberries
How to Get More From Your Compost – Make Tea
The Aromatic Lilac
Ornamental Grasses

January/February 2002

Planning for a Peck of Peppers
In League with Leeks
Great Native Plants for Your Garden
A Trip to Lotusland


November/December 2001

Winter Birds
Our Favorite Garden Books
Website Recommendations
A Winter Gem in the Garden – Hellebores

October 2001

Rethinking Fall Cleanup and Mulch, Mulch More
Storing Pumpkins
Mycorrhizal Fungi

September 2001

Household Insects
Edibles to Plant during September
A Place for Every Plant and a Plant for Every Place
Ten Plants for Your Winter Shade Garden
Fall – The Perfect Time to Plant

August 2001

Powdery Mildew
How to Create a Butterfly Garden
Dealing with Drought
Growing Cacti in the Northwest

July 2001

The Bumblebee
The Obnoxious Weeds

June 2001

Partners in Pollination
Raised Beds in a Wet Area
Grower’s Guide

May 2001

A Bug’s World – Carpenter Ants
Top 10 Reasons to Divide Perennials
Starting Seeds Indoors, Part Three

April 2001

The Flowering Crab Apple

March 2001

Starting Seeds Indoors, Part Two: Damping Off
Asparagus in Western Washington
Clark County Climatology – Late Winter and Spring
Rose Requirements: A Twelve-Step Guide

January/February 2001

The Gentle Bee
Vegetable Seed and Plant Suppliers by Specialty
Starting Seeds Indoors

2000 and Earlier

Vetting VetchDividing Bearded Iris


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