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Program Impacts

Youth Development | Health & Wellness | Natural Resources | Food Systems

Stewarding Our Public Dollars – Return on Investment

We pride ourselves on leverging the funding we receive from our Clark County partner.


Return on All Investment

$9.33 for every General Fund dollar invested.  (Excludes Clark County grants.)

$3.66 in external funding.

$5.67 in donations, in-kind, volunteer time.


Youth Development – 4H (club projects, after school, school enrichment, youth entreprenuer, veterans families, misc.)

Health & Wellness (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program education, pre-diabetes education, commercial food safety, food preservation, mic.)

Environmental Stewardship (Master Gardeners, Small Acreage, Misc.)

Food Systems / Farming (commercial farming/horticuluture, Farm business planning, Harvest Celebration, WSU Farm Finder, Farmer’s Market collaborative, misc.)

Investment by Program Area

Impact Reports

2021 Summer Clark County Extension Report (9 MB PDF)



2021 Spring Clark County Extension Report (8 MB PDF)
2020 Winter Clark County Extension Report (5.9 MB PDF)
2020 Summer Clark County Extension Report (6 MB PDF)
2020 Spring Clark County Extension Report  (6.6 MB PDF)
2016 Annual Programs Impact Report (5.2 MB PDF)
2014 Program Impacts (1.5 MB PDF)
2013 Program Impacts
(1 MB PDF)
2012 Impacts Report (1 MB PDF)
2010 Impacts Report (1.2 MB PDF)
2009 Impacts Report (655 KB PDF)
2008 Impacts Report (1.4 MB PDF)
2006 Impacts Report (780 KB PDF)
2005 Impacts Report (2.3 MB PDF)
2001 Annual Report (1.2 MB PDF)
2000 Annual Report (1.1 MB PDF)
1999 Annual Report (0.8 MB PDF)

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