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Watershed Stewardship

We provide information about preserving clean water in the community and ways to improve our watersheds.

For More Information on Rain Barrels, check our Factsheets page!

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Why Watershed Stewardship?WatershedStewLogo

Healthy watersheds benefit the quality of life in our communities, keeping Clark County the beautiful place we all know, but also maintaining great recreational opportunities, clean water, and habitat for wildlife and fish.  We help residents enhance their understanding of what makes a healthy watershed and encourage practices that lead to healthy watersheds.

  • Educate yourself about watersheds and how individuals affect those watersheds.
  • Volunteer with agencies, environmental organizations, and community groups and individuals to promote community participation in local water quality and fish and wildlife enhancement educational outreach and activities.

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What can you do?

Make Your Own Project

Feel Creative? You can create your own project. Take a look at some of the resources listed. Past project include a habitat educational trail at a Ridgefield Elementary School, restoration on a county-owned greenway, garbage collection at a local stream, and a restoration project at Jenny Creek Park.


If your club, church or neighborhood associations wants to do more about protecting clean water, Volunteer Clark connects you to projects and organizations working to improve our watersheds.

You can learn about a variety of topics including rain barrel construction, rain gardens, permeable pavements, green cleaning or any other clean water topic, all you need to do is provide the space and at least 15 people to pre-register.

Photo of stenciled storm drain

Stencil Storm Drains

Individuals, Scout groups, neighborhood associations, and school groups can all participate in our storm drain stenciling program. You can do a lot of good on a sunny weekend with a few people, some spray paint, and a stencil. For more information on this great service project and access to all the materials at no charge, check out the Clean Water Program.

Garden Naturally

Use native plants; they reduce your water consumption, resist diseases and pests, and attract wildlife. Instead of reaching for toxic insecticides, try a tray of beer to kill slugs or bring in lady bugs to control aphids. You will be surprised at how much wildlife will come to your garden if you reduce the use of toxic chemicals. Talk to our Master Gardeners for more information on natural gardening seminars or look at our calendar.

Build a Rain Garden

A rain garden is simply a planter bed dug 6 to 12 inches deep into which you direct your downspouts. It is planted with a variety of attractive perennials and shrubs. For more information on rain gardens, Contact Us.

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