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Natural Resources

Small Acreage Program

The Small Acreage program provides outreach to residents on how to manage issues small acreage landowners confront, such as mud and manure management, fencing and pasture management, wells and septic system maintenance, and other management topics unique to small acreage properties.

The Small Acreage program helps residents reduce pollution entering storm and surface water coming from residential and agricultural properties by giving residents the knowledge and skills necessary to manage their land and animals in a way that will help keep water clean. Often, these improved management practices also save small acreage owners money.

Watershed Stewardship

We encourage Clark County residents to practice Watershed Stewardship by increasing their understanding and encouraging practices that lead to healthy watersheds. Residents learn about watersheds and how individuals affect those watersheds, water quality, and habitat improvement.


WSU Extension Forestry serves Clark residents to answer forestry related questions. Education programs include Forest Stewardship, timber sales, reforestation, wildlife and other aspects of woodland management are provided.

The Rural Technology Initiative (RTI) is a technology transfer program created as a partnership between the University of Washington, Washington State University, and the USDA Forest Service to provide forest managers with the best scientific knowledge and tools needed to solve today’s complex forest management problems.

You can view RTI presentations at such as:

Learn about GIS forestry applications or find out about the latest RTI trainings offered for non-industrial forest landowners, public and private forestry professionals, and educators.

You may also visit the Washington State University publications for information on forestry. Other publications on Christmas Trees are also available.

Wildfires in Western Washington in 2015 raised concerns by many landowners.  You can better prepare your home in the woods by watching Wildfire Risk Reduction Tips for Western Washington Landowners.

Oregon State University forest industry directory, including non-timber forest products. The Oregon Forest Industry Directory facilitates the establishment of business connections between the broad array of interests in Oregon’s forestry sector. The directory is a joint effort of the Oregon Wood Innovation Center at Oregon State University and the Oregon Small Woodlands Association.

If you are involved in a business that harvests, sells, buys, and processes nontimber forest products in the Pacific Northwest, check out the Wild Forest Goods business directory at to market your products.

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