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4-H at the Clark County Fair

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In order to exhibit at the Clark County Fair during any year, a 4-H member must be fully enrolled in 4-H Online by May 1st.

Clark County 4-H Animal Certificates

4-H Animal Certificates for each of the following animals are due May 1st.

4-H Cat
4-H Dairy
4-H Dog
4-H Llama
4-H Horse
4-H Pet Pals

The two exceptions are below:
4-H Beef – Due at 4-H Beef Pre Fair Weigh In on the 1st Saturday in February
4-H Market Goat – due April 1

If the due date falls on Sunday or Monday then due date is on the first business day following the due date.

Animal Entry and Registration

4-H Animal Entry Forms and 4-H Activity Registration Forms are due in the WSU/Clark County Extension – 4-H Office by Friday, June 28, 2019. Forms can be sent in by the following methods:

  • In person – WSU/Clark County Extension – 4-H Office
  • Mailed – Kellian Whidden 1919 NE 78th Street Vancouver WA 98665
  • Email attachment to:

Fair Sign-up Forms

2019 Activities Pre-Fair Registration Form (PDF)
2019 Animal Entry Form (PDF)
2019 4-H Dog Entry Form (PDF)
2019 Home Garden Registration (PDF)
2019 Horse Fair Entry Form (PDF)
2018 Shooting Sports Match Sign-Up (PDF)

4-H Animal Projects Fair Forms

4-H Kitten Health Record
4-H Cat Health Record
4-H Dog Health Record
4-H Market Beef Health Record (due at Final Weigh-In)
4-H Market Swine Health Record (due at Final Weigh-In)
4-H Market Lamb Health Record (due at Final Weigh-In)
4-H Market Goat Health Record (due at Final Weigh-In)
4-H Market Rabbit Health Record (due at Final Weigh-In)
4-H Market Poultry Health Record (due at Final Weigh-In)
JLA Market Expense Report (due at Final Weigh-In)

4-H Exhibit Hall Materials

Exhibitor Label (cut into 4, fill out one per entry)

4-H Fair Activities: Materials & Worksheets

Kitchen Activities

Food Activity Worksheet(County)
Food Activity Score Sheet (C1098E)
You Can Prevent Foodborne Illness (PNW250)
Dinner is Served (EM3443)
Pack a Safe Lunch (EB1490)

4-H Consumer Selection

Consumer Selection Worksheet – Senior
Consumer Selection Worksheet – Intermediate
Consumer Selection Worksheet – Junior
4-H Consumer Selection Commentary
Consumer Selection Score Card

4-H Fashion Revue

Fashion Revue Questions Senior
Fashion Revue Questions Intermediate
Fashion Revue Questions Junior
2018 Fashion Review Personal Data Sheet
2018 Fashion Review Scorecard
2018 Writing 4-H Fashion Revue Commentary
Fashion Revue Commentary

Additional 4-H Project Materials

4-H Horse 2018 Showmanship Patterns

2018 Junior Showmanship
2018 Intermediate Showmanship
2018 Senior Showmanship
2018 Green Horse Showmanship
2018 Novice Showmanship

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