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For Volunteers

We are glad you are considering being a volunteer with 4-H!  The 4-H program reaches out to kids and their families to build skills for life. Check us out! 4-H has a hundred different hands-on projects to offer.

Your timeknowledge, and heart for youth could make a big difference in the quality of life in your community. Washington State University Extension will provide you the support and training you’ll need along the way. You will be a valued partner in helping grow kids.

Certified 4-H Volunteers

Certified 4-H Volunteers have completed the WSU 4-H Youth Development Program Volunteer screening process and are officially designated as representatives and leaders of the 4-H program. They supervise and direct county and club 4-H programs and projects. They work under the direction of WSU Extension personnel to ensure that the objectives and standards of the WSU 4-H Youth Development Program are met. The roles available to Certified 4-H Volunteers are:

  • General Club Leader: this individual is responsible for the overall management of each 4-H Club.
  • Project Leader: This individual is responsible for leading the various projects within each 4-H Club.
  • Activity Leader: This individual is responsible for various activities including fund raising, record keeping, community service, etc. This can be done for a club or program. The individual will be working with youth in the completion of duties. Resource Volunteer: This individual is responsible for assisting with various 4-H events and activities but has no direct supervision of, or unsupervised access to, 4-H youth.
  • Administrative Volunteer: This individual is responsible for the overall organization and leadership of general program areas, organization of county-wide events, etc.
  • Volunteer Applicant: This individual has not been accepted as a 4-H Volunteer.

If a person is volunteering time and expertise to the 4-H program and/or are in contact with youth on an ongoing basis during 4-H meetings, then the person needs to be a Certified 4-H Volunteer.

Volunteer Application Process

Potential Certified 4-H Volunteers must start the application process by signing and completing the WSU 4-H Volunteer Application Form and reference form. All new Certified 4-H Volunteers who work with youth, including host family members and chaperones, will be screened through a background check (Sterling Volunteer) and reference process. Rescreening may be conducted at any time. The local WSU Extension 4-H faculty, staff, and/or WSU Extension 4-H Program Leader reserve the right to reject any applicant. The WSU 4-H Youth Development Program requires a minimum level of training for certifying volunteers. The following elements are required components of the Certified 4-H Volunteer certification process. They must all be completed and documented before the volunteer is considered certified.

  • Submit a signed and completed WSU 4-H Volunteer Application
  • Complete a criminal background screening through Sterling Volunteer (invitation will be sent after receiving volunteer application and references)
  • Participate in an interview with WSU Extension 4-H staff face-to-face, by phone, or through other technology that allows participants to be heard verbally
  • Complete the Four Western Region e-learning modules
  • Complete the Child Protection e-learning module
  • Register as a volunteer within 4-H Online system and complete all authorization forms
  • Complete and sign all consents including the Adult Valuable Partnership Agreement in 4-H Online
  • Receive a login for the WSU Volunteer Hours Database
  • Complete a Live New Volunteer Orientation (Virtual or in-person)

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