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Reasons to Choose 4-H

4-H Is All About Fun!Youth giving a pollinator presentation.

If you ask 4-H club members why they choose 4-H, they’ll give you a short, simple answer: “Because it’s fun!” Young people enjoy getting together with others who share a common interest, whether it’s dogs or dancing, cows or clowning. Whatever the project, 4-Hers join in casual settings to work towards both individual and club goals under the guidance of knowledgeable, caring, adult 4-H leaders. More experienced 4-Hers also tell how us how much fun they have teaching and mentoring the newer and younger members of the group.

4-H Is All About Fundamentals!

Little girl in a bucket hat and dress holding a baby chick with the assistance of an older girl.Parents and educators choose 4-H for their youngsters because of the 4-H emphasis on development of fundamental life skills. The 4-H Youth Development Program is unique in that it offers educational materials that give directions for hands-on projects that intentionally foster development in 8 basic life skill categories: Giving, Working, Being, Living, Thinking, Managing, Relating, and Caring. A recent research study shows strong evidence for the lasting impact of 4-H on the lives of young people. Additional studies link participation in 4-H to better school performance and decreased participation in high-risk activities such as drug and alcohol use. Perhaps the best explanation for why parents and educators choose 4-H lies in what former 4-Hers say about the difference that 4-H made in their lives. To get their perspectives, check out Share Your 4-H Story.

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