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The Master Gardener Program sponsors, and co-sponsors with other area agencies, events, workshops, nursery tours, and much more. Our upcoming events are shown below listed in alphabetical order. Read more about each event by clicking its link.

Sign up for an event or workshop by following the instructions on the flyer or going to the Extension’s calendar (Select GARDENING from the categories to shorten the list of activities to only our items.)

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  • Washougal Seed Bank Grand Opening –To kick off its new seed bank, Washougal Library and the WSU Clark County Extension Master Gardener program are offering four workshops on vegetable gardening. You will learn: seed saving techniques; what is so great about soil; how insects can help in your gardening efforts; the steps to getting your garden started.--Various Dates; March 2018--
  • Composting with Confidence Workshop –Tried your hand at composting but it just "didn't take"? Game to giving it another try? This presentation is for you! The presenter will share simple troubleshooting techniques for getting back on track with home composting. It's worth it! May 5, 2018--
  • Rejuvenating Your Landscape Workshop –Don’t love your home landscape? This 90 minute presentation is for you! The presenter will share simple effective techniques, using hands-on exercises that will help homeowners to identify landscape features they like, those which they don’t and help you to get clear on what you dream of having in your home landscape. --March 24, 2018--
  • On the Road Tour – Seeds to Succulents-Come "on the road" with us as we journey through the bucolic East Willamette Valley in search of Seeds to Succulents; and Everything in Between. --March 22, 2018--
  • Oyster Farming 101 – Mushroom Cultivation Workshop –--Learn how you can grow oysters in your garden! Oyster mushrooms, that is. Tony McMigas of McMigas Family Farm will show you how to produce oyster mushrooms year round at home and in your garden. March 3, 2018--
  • Get Growing: Introduction to Vegetable Garden Workshop –- Learn to grow food from seed to harvest, in hands-on, small group classes. Learn about soil preparation, crop selection, pest and disease management, irrigation, and more. -- Mar. 10 and 17, 2018 --
  • Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop –- Learn how to produce your own fruit trees inexpensively, or preserve the lineage of an old apple tree growing on your property - try grafting! --March 25, 2018--

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