Pesticide License Recertification Credit Classes

Program Contact: Nils Johnson, Extension Coordinator
(509) 684-2588 •

WSU Extension Annual Pesticide Recertification Event: December 2016

WSU Stevens County Extension’s Winter 2016 Pesticide Training is scheduled for the first two Tuesdays in December, December 6 and December 13 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm each day. These free classes will be held at the WSU Extension Office – in the South Town Plaza, 986 S. Main in Colville. Classes are open to both pesticide license holders and the general public interested in the topics. Three Pesticide License re-certification credits for each day have been applied for.

Agenda for Tuesday December 6th 2016

agriculture-87581_6403:00 – 3:50 Topic: Diagnosing Pests in Alfalfa and Timothy

Presented by Steve Norberg, WSU Agriculture Extension Regional Forage Specialist: This session will discuss how to determine if action will need to be taken with pesticides or other pest control measures.  The talk will discuss alfalfa weevil and stem nematode in alfalfa as well as other pests.  The talk will lead pesticide applicators in a step by step approach in diagnosing a pest problem and taking appropriate action.

bee-in-flight4:00 – 4:50 Topic: Protecting Pollinators During Pesticide Use

Presented by: Dr. Brandon Hopkins, WSU Department of Entomology: Many insects (including bees) play an important beneficial role in crops as pollinators. Dr. Hopkins will discuss the value of pollinators in crop productions as well as choices that pesticide applicators can make to minimize loss of beneficials without sacrificing effective control of target insects. 


lightening5:00 – 5:50 Topic: Temperature Inversions and their Effect on Pesticide Application

Presented by Nic Loyd, WSU AgWeatherNet Meteorologist: The dispersion of pesticides during application is related to weather patterns and especially to the degree of atmospheric mixing. Specifically, the low level vertical temperature profile and the presence or absence of temperature inversions are critical factors to consider when planning pesticide applications. This presentation will describe how AgWeatherNet provides real-time weather information, including inversion data (air temperature and other parameters at several heights), which serves as a guide for assessing the state of the atmosphere.  It will also introduce several rules of thumb which provide some guidance about the degree of surface layer atmospheric mixing.

Agenda for Tuesday December 13th 2016

thistle-201844_6403:00 – 3:50 Topic: TB5 Weeds You Don’t Want To Ignore!

Presented by Cindy Jennings, Stevens County Weed Board: This presentation will focus on identification, information on 5 weeds spreading rapidly through the Stevens County.   It will also cover control recommendations for these five weeds discussing control methods which are and which are not effective.  

Ag-wheat-spray4:00 – 4:50 Topic: Range and Pasture Weed Control

Presented by Lori Jasman, Technical Sales, Wilbur Ellis: Lori will discuss the many herbicides available for weed control to increase forage production. Included will be the products E2, Pasturegard, Rave, Amber, Milestone and Opensight. Discussion will include which weeds are controlled by each product.




wsda5:00 – 5:50 Topic: New Worker Safety Rules

Presented by Aaron Brown, WSDA Pesticide Investigator: Aaron will discuss the new and updated Worker Protection Standards (WPS) updated rules and regulations from the federal EPA with a focus on how pesticide applicators can comply with the new standards.