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Forest Health

Program Contact: Andy Perleberg, Regional Extension Specialist- Forestry
509-630-4217 •

In this picture an attacking bark beetle (seen on the tip of the knife) was “pitched out” of this pine by the tree’s natural defense mechanisms.

Did you know many foresters consider the forests of Northeast Washington to be unhealthy. Why?  Periods of low precipitation and densely crowded forests have created tremendous competition among trees for survival, making them more susceptible to key forest pests and uncharacteristic wildfire.

WSU Extension, in cooperation with the WA DNR Forest Health Program, delivers information and programs to landowners and natural resource professionals, helping them make management decisions that will improve the health and resiliency of their forests.

Some key forest pests and pathogens concerning our area are:

Forest Health Alert!! Western Red Cedar Decline and Aspen Leaf Miner (pdf)

For information about the health of your forest, go to the Forest Health section of the Natural Resources Contacts & Links page or contact Sean Alexander, WSU Regional Extension Specialist, Forestry, at 509.680.0358.