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BAT: Rural Orgs

We have discovered many organizations that work on rural issues and care about rural broadband. We are learning from them and hope to keep them informed about our work and issues in Stevens County. Please let us know if there are more!

Rural Alliance – partnership of rural school districts, higher education, and the college and career readiness community in Washington State. “Partnering to increase options and opportunities for rural students, families and communities.”

Partnership for Rural Washington (PRWA) “Working with rural communities to develop their capacity to create a prosperous and sustainable future.”

The Washington Rural Health Association’s mission is to collaboratively strengthen and improve the health of rural communities.

Understanding, and closing, the rural health care gap
Article in their July 2017 Enewsletter, courtesy of: National Rural Health Association (NRHA)

According to a CDC study, health care challenges including lack of preventive care, socioeconomic factors, and the shortage of primary care clinicians are affecting rural areas disproportionately. “We’ve spent so much time thinking about health care, but research has shown the majority of health is driven not by what happens in the doctor’s office, but by what happens in the rest of our lives,” says NRHA member Carrie Henning-Smith, PhD, with the University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center. NRHA Clinical Services Constituency Group chair Roger D. Wells also points out that telemedicine can only do so much when many rural Americans still lack internet access. [Read full article here]